Wedding on a Budget

How to Create an Amazing Wedding on a budget

Are the wedding bells ringing for you and your significant other soon? Weddings are a time of great celebration, but of course it also comes with great planning. No one is usually surprised anymore by the amount of time it takes to plan a decent wedding, but the cost can be alarming.

If this is your year to plan and execute a wedding, you can do it on a budget. Save the extra cash for a downpayment on a home or paying off a credit card. Opt for a frugal, but beautiful wedding with these great tips. Here’s how you can create an amazing wedding on a budget.

Avoid guest bloat
You can save big time at your wedding by keeping your guest list short and sweet. Do not worry about hurting feelings, instead, put your budget at the forefront of your wedding day decision making. Distance cousins, out of touch relatives and friends that don’t call you anymore should be kept off your list. Bear in mind that the more people attending your big day means more people eating, drinking and using up space. Keep whittling down your guest list to make it appropriate for your venue.

Ask for help instead of gifts
While receiving wedding presents is delightful, consider asking some close friends and family for help in exchange for gifts. Perhaps you personally know someone who can alter your dress, make flower arrangements or do the photography on your big day. These types of skills are often far more valuable than a blender.

Find a free venue
The venue for your wedding can be one of the more costly expenses on your list. It is not uncommon for people to use backyards and backwoods instead of paying a premium for a particular venue.

Besides saving money, you will also have absolute freedom to decorate, design and create exactly what you want at your wedding. Some venues limit what you can do, so take advantage of a free spot and save on your green.

Do your own food prep
Local, family-owned restaurants can be a hidden treasure for any wedding. The food bill for any wedding is usually costly and oftentimes nearly ridiculous. Search out a family-owned restaurant that might offer a much better deal than any catering company in town.

If it is also within your limits, handle the food yourself. Some families are full of great cooks that don’t mind creating the food for the day themselves (and so often it tastes much better anyway).

Cut ties with real flowers
Flowers are by no means cheap and a wedding decorated with real flowers can really be costly. Consider cutting ties with real flowers for the most part. They will just die and be thrown away the next day anyway.

Don’t be afraid of fake flowers either. Many beautiful bouquets and boutineers can be designed with fake flowers and still look elegant. They will also last a little bit longer too.

Skip wedding party gifts
For some, it is customary to give gifts to the bridesmaids and groomsmen. However, this is simply custom and not mandatory. You can skip this step altogether (and some people might not even know it). If you feel guilty, write a special note to each one as a “thank-you.”

DIY invitations
Classy and stylish invitations do not have to break the bank. Many couples opt for printing and designing them right at home. All you need is a good printer and some blank invites that can be bought at stores like Staples.

Stock the bar yourself
Alcohol can really add up, really fast. Before the big day even arrives, find out if you can stock the bar yourself or limit what freebies you are willing to give out. Many people only have an open bar that serves beer and wine.

Negotiate with vendors for advertising space
It never hurts to ask for a reduced rate when it comes to photography services, the DJ, florists or caterers. One way you can negotiate on price is to ask for a reduced rate in exchange for the vendor to advertise at the reception. You can place a vendor card near each attendee’s dinner plate that lists all the vendors making your big day special.

Buy your dress off the rack
Dress shopping can be a magical experience for many soon-to-be brides. One way to save big with your gown is to try to buy something directly off the rack. This saves the store from having to order it, and usually it can cost you a whole lot less, especially if the dress is on sale too.

Have groomsmen wear matching suits
Groomsmen can save on their attire as well. They can rent tuxedos as a group, in order to get a group rate. They can however, wear matching suits that they all might already own.

Choose affordable wedding bands
Engagement and wedding rings also pose a risk to keeping your wedding on a tight budget. There are less expensive rings made from titanium and sterling silver. You can easily find affordable rings that won’t break your budget.

Go simple for the honeymoon
Once the party is over, you and your new spouse will want to jet set away from it all. The honeymoon in a lot of cases is one of the best parts of the wedding. The celebration is over and the vacation begins. Your honeymoon, however, can also be done on a budget. Some people opt to take their honeymoon a little later to save up for it, while others choose a staycation to save money too.

Bottom Line

The biggest thing to remember when planning your wedding on a budget is that your big day doesn’t have to drive you into debt right off the bat. There are ways to cut and manage all the details while still having a killer party.