Ways to Spoil your Significant Other on Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air as we near Valentine’s Day. People celebrate this romantic holiday in various ways. Some eat a nice meal while others give extravagant gifts. If there is someone on your mind this year that you want to spoil, like your significant other, then this is the list for you.

A few tips before we get started. First, plan early! If you choose an activity, likely a thousand other people are thinking the same way. So, reserve a spot now. Second, consider including your entire family. Babysitters get snatched up fast, so think out your night well beforehand. Lastly, make sure you pick something your significant other will truly enjoy. Forget what you want to do and focus on the interests of your significant other.

Cheap Ways to Spoil Your significant other
If you are first and foremost worried about your budget, consider some less expensive options. Here’s what we’ve come up with:

  • A homemade coupon book: If you can’t afford that fancy dinner or designer ring, perhaps a coupon book of ways to spoil your significant other even after Valentine’s Day is over might spark some interest. It can come direct from the heart and show your love through acts of service. Consider things like: a back massage, mowing the lawn, doing the laundry, making a special homemade meal, etc.
  • A letter written from the heart: many people are bad with words. Long gone are the days of written love letters and now we are getting way too involved with texting. Put the phone down and dust off that pen and paper. Remind your significant other of all the special memories you have had together and the future you desire.
  • Make dinner: So you might do this every single night, but spice it up for one evening. Get the kids involved, put a flower on the table, get out the fancy china and cook your significant other’s favorite dish. The effort will be appreciated.
  • Spread the love: Your kids can join in on the fun and decorate everywhere your significant other goes with construction paper hearts. Have everyone write fun and lovely notes on them. Consider hanging them in the bathroom, their car or in their office. It is nice to feel loved!
  • Balloons! Grab a bunch of balloons and fill every place your significant other goes with them. Fill the car, the office or even the closet. Write romantic messages on them for a fun filled experiment.
  • Breakfast in bed: If dinner won’t do, make a morning meal to enjoy under the sheet. Breakfast in bed has always been a romantic symbol and we have to agree, it is awesome! Grab a flower, bring the children and make your significant other feel loved with family and food.

How to Spoil Your significant other with a Little Bit of Money
Perhaps you have a few dollars to spend on a romantic evening and you want to make your significant other feel extra special. Consider these options:

  • Book that table: If you are willing to fight the crowd on Valentine’s Day, then get that table booked at your significant other’s favorite spot or the one they have been yearning over. Let it be a fun surprise and don’t tell them where you are going. Grab some chocolates and flowers for a fun and lovely night. Also consider celebrating early if you can’t get a table for the day of or if you can’t get off of work in time.
  • Gifts of love: Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? This year, try booking that massage, picking up that pair of earrings she can’t get her eyes off of, getting that fitness watch he’s been talking about or choosing a Groupon for you both to enjoy an adventure together.
  • Get out the house: Snag a hotel or AirBNB for the night or a long weekend. It can even just be a staycation, but getting a night away from the house can be both fun and intimate.
  • Disney: Ok, this might cost a little more than a little bit of money, but who doesn’t love a Disney vacation? February is also considered a slow month for the parks, but still plan for plenty of vacationers.


Bottom Line
Remember, Valentine’s Day is supposed to be romantic and fun. You can incorporate everything from dinner to candy to a special location on this day. Figure out what makes your significant other feel loved and go for it.