Ways to save on your Cell Phone Bill

Here are the Top Ways to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill. Saving money and sticking to a budget can feel overwhelming at times, but it can be extremely rewarding as well. One place that might be tanking your budget is with your cell phone bill. Did you know that there are a few simple ways you can save money on your cell phone bill? In this article, those money tips will be explored. 

  1. Switch Cell Phone Carriers

    Some of the country’s top cell phone carriers, like Verizon and AT&T, are among the most expensive when it comes to plans. People flock to these carriers because they tend to have the best, nationwide coverage. What many people fail to realize is that these carriers own discount brands that operate with the same towers.

    For instance, Verizon also owns Visible and AT&T owns Cricket Wireless. Many also have relationships with prepaid carriers. Therefore, you could choose one of these discount brands and still receive the same service. The big conglomerates will continue to eat up the little fishes in the sea and you as the consumer can take advantage.

  2. Search New Plans with Existing Carrier

    Perhaps you like your service and your cell phone carrier. Maybe you are in the middle of a contract and are afraid to make the jump. What you should try to do is to search all the plans your current carrier is offering.

    While nearly all carriers offer unlimited data, you must ask yourself if you really need access to an unlimited amount. You could easily drop into a more controlled plan if you do not need a large amount of data each month. The best thing you can do to save money is to track your data now and see how much you really use.

  3. Shop for a Deal

    It is possible to buy a phone from someone other than your carrier. You can find amazing deals on websites, like eBay.com, that offer the exact phone you are looking for rock bottom prices. Just be sure that the reseller has 98% and above rating and you are good to go.

    Wait a few months after a brand new phone has been released and you will save even more. Don’t forget that oftentimes your current phone has some value to it. Consider reselling your current phone back to the carrier for credit or try these online options.

  4. Resist the Upgrade Trap

    Do not let the rollout of a brand new phone entice you to upgrade. Many brand name phones can last years with proper care and maintenance. If you are trying to save your pennies, now would be a great time to keep your current device and turn a blind eye to the upgrade.

  5. Join with Family

    If you are not already part of a family plan, you can save big time joining one. Family plans tend to decrease monthly bills easily. The only downside is that if a family member leaves or someone wants to end the contract, you might be stuck.

  6. Enroll in Auto-Pay

    Enrolling in auto-pay for your cell phone has two advantages. First, some carriers (especially prepaid carriers) offer a discount when you use the auto-pay system. Secondly, you will not miss a payment. Therefore, you will not accrue any late fees.

  7. Inquire About Discounts

    Being a member of the military, a senior or a teacher might help you get a discount on your next cell phone bill. Just ask your carrier. You can also inquire about any other discounts they might offer.

  8. Get Your Accessories Online

    When you are looking for a new case or charging cord, the most expensive way to go is usually the cell phone carrier. You can get quality items online and continue to save big.

  9. Try Free Cell Phone Insurance

    For years, cell phone insurance has been more of a rip-off than a benefit. However, there is one path to cell phone insurance that is not a rip-off. Consider getting free cell phone insurance through your credit card. 

Believe it or not, there are credit cards that will replace your lost or damaged cell phone. All you have to do is apply and be accepted by the credit card company, and then pay your bill with the credit card. It’s that simple. 

Final Thoughts

Sticking to a budget can be even easier when you take these steps to save big on your cell phone and the monthly bill. It might take some time to research your cell phone carrier and all the options you have, but it can be worth it in the end.