Visiting the Grand Canyon

A great time of the year to visit the Grand Canyon is in March. Crowds will not be as large as the summer months, but people begin to consider this trip when March hits. The weather is starting to warm up again and people are ready to take a little spring break. If you want to plan a trip to the Grand Canyon this March, here is everything you need to know. 

What Part of the Grand Canyon is Open?

When it comes to the Grand Canyon National Park, it will be open year-round everyday for visitors. In particular, the South Rim is open year round and is a very pleasant area to visit in March. You may want to research which Grand Canyon Lookout Points will interest you the most and take advantage.

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon will remain closed in March. This is a safety issue as it still may snow this time of the year. The North Rim of the Grand Canyon opens May 15 and closes October 15.

Is it Going to be Busy?

When March hits, traffic to the Grand Canyon picks back up. People go on spring break and when Easter coincides with break time, it encourages more travelers to the site. However, the crowds will definitely be less than the summer months. In addition to less visitors to the park, there will be less competition for booking surrounding accommodations. If you need to spend the night in the area, booking a room should not be a huge problem in March.

The later you wait to visit in March, the more likely the crowds will get bigger. The weather gets even better and the trails are even more beautiful to explore.

Does it Snow at the Grand Canyon in March?

Yes, it can snow at the Grand Canyon in March. This can cause trails to close unexpectedly and quickly. It does give the Grand Canyon a beautiful wintry look. However, if you are looking to avoid a snow storm, be diligent with checking the weather before booking your trip.

Will it Be Cold at the Grand Canyon in March?

While January and February tend to be the coldest months for the Grand Canyon, March can still be cool. Typically, March warms up and can be up to 72 degrees during the day if you walk down into the Grand Canyon or stay at Phantom Ranch.

Is There a Visitor Center?

Yes. Located at the South Rim entrance, the visitor center is full of pertinent information for your visit. It is open from 9am-4pm. Updates on weather, trail closures and safest viewpoints to visit will be listed. Additionally, there is a short film you can view to better understand your visit to the Grand Canyon.

How Do I Get to the Viewpoints at the Grand Canyon in March?

You have the options to drive yourself to the viewpoints or take a shuttle. If it happens to snow on your trip, it is best to take advantage of the shuttle to the viewpoints. Buses leave the visitor center every 30 minutes.

Can I Go Hiking in March?

Yes. Some trails might be closed, but hiking is an option at the Grand Canyon in March. Just be aware that trails can be snowy or icy making hiking a bit more difficult. Be sure to bring the proper gear and be prepared for the weather.

Is There a Scenic Driving Route?

Yes. Hermits Rest Scenic Drive is the perfect driving route. This is a 7-mile route that starts at the south rim. You can visit many great viewpoints along the way. You can also take a shuttle to do this route. 

Where Can I Stay When I Visit the Grand Canyon?

The closest town to the Grand Canyon is called Tusayan. This town is small, population is only 550. It is located about 70 miles from Flagstaff. A few places to check for lodging nearby include Canyon Plaza Premier Studio Apartments, Arizona Luxury Expeditions, Best Western Premier Grand Canyon Squire Inn, Holiday Inn Express Grand Canyon, The Grand Hotel at the Grand Canyon or The Grand Hotel at the Grand Canyon.

Final Thoughts

There are several advantages to visiting the Grand Canyon in March. The crowds should be minimal and likely the weather will be mild. There is plenty to do and see when you visit the Grand Canyon in March.