Valley Companies Currently Hiring

As Arizona continues to come back to life after the shutdown caused by Covid-19, people are ready to get back to work and get back on their feet. Nearly 420,000 Arizonans lost their job during the pandemic. Let alone many small businesses and large ones alike closed their doors permanently. These Valley Companies Are Currently Hiring and looking for applicants. 

It was beyond heartbreaking to see the economy get trashed and so much lost. The good news is that you can rebound and many people are getting right back to it. Companies are opening their doors once again and positions are open for employment. 

If you lost your job or are looking for something new, here are some businesses that are hiring right now in Arizona. 

  1. U-Haul

    Are you passionate about helping people? U-haul has a career for you. From IT positions to customer service representatives, U-Haul is hiring in Arizona. They are also one of a few companies that have legitimate work from home positions. The job offerings are constantly changing and being updated, so check back often.

  2. Walmart

    Qualified, friendly faces are being requested for a variety of positions at Walmart. There is a lot of behind the scenes type work as well. Walmart was not forced to close during the pandemic of Covid-19 as they supply nearly every type of essential item. This could be your long-term career waiting to begin.

  3. Axon

    With an emphasis on safety, Axon in Scottsdale has developed smart weapons, cameras, and software. This is a team that aims high, empowers individuals, and is obsessed with their work. This could be more than just your next job, it could be your next career.

  4. Jersey Mike’s

    Each Jersey Mike’s sub shop in Arizona is independently owned and operated. The teams are dedicated to serving authentic subs with high-energy and friendly attitudes. The company is dedicated to not only serving subs, but also serving the community.

  5. Genuine Concepts

    The restaurant industry in Arizona is ready for action and there are vacancies to fill. The best part is that there is room for growth and opportunity. Genuine Concepts is hiring for a variety of eateries in the Phoenix area. Great personalities and people who take pride in their work are welcome to apply.

  6. Kroger

    Better known as Fry’s Marketplace, Kroger is hiring for several locations throughout the state. They have been the local grocer for over 50 years with a great reputation. There will also be room for advancement as Kroger offers mentoring programs, cross-training, management courses, educational resources and more.

  7. Sprouts Farmers Market

    If you have the attitude to always go above and beyond, then Sprouts Farmers Market is looking for you. With plenty of training provided and multiple positions open, there is a lot to look forward to. Experience in grocery is not a requirement. Apply today.

  8. Amazon

    Delivery jobs, warehouse positions and many more are hot right now and there is no shortage at Amazon. There is no experience required for some positions and you can get started in just a week’s time. Pandemic or not, Amazon will always be up and running.

  9. The state of Arizona

    Have you ever wanted to work for the state? Now it is your chance. There is a huge variety of jobs in many categories that could fit your background and experience. The wages are great and the benefits are not too bad either.

  10. CVS Pharmacy

    Are you passionate about health and helping others? CVS Pharmacy is hiring for positions around the state. Get paid training, competitive wages, and a benefits package. If you are reliable, accurate, professional, with a focus on customer service, apply today.

  11. Staffing agencies

Perhaps you have applied for these positions or you are not sure where to turn next. You can always get set up with a staffing agency to help you with our job search. They can pinpoint jobs that actually make sense for your talents with employers looking to fill vacancies immediately. In addition, most staffing agencies will help you polish your resume, improve your interview skills and so much more. If you are looking for a staffing agency in Arizona, try these ones out:

Bottom Line

Everyone understands the hard times and difficulty finding a good job these days. The good news is that things are picking back up and businesses are once again flourishing. You might not be able to get your old job back, but this could be the beginning of something new and more profitable for you and your family.