Ultimate Fall Bucket List in Arizona

The Ultimate Fall Bucket List in Arizona for 2019

Getting into the spirit of the fall season doesn’t mean you have to go broke. Here in Arizona, there is plenty to do that is both festive and easy on the wallet. If you are struggling to get into the fall spirit, these ideas should give you the boost of confidence let fall come to life. This is the ultimate fall bucket list in Arizona for 2019.

  1. Go for a nighttime hike. Of course, hiking in Arizona is both awesome and free. During the fall time, it is even more fun at night.
  2. Have a bonfire. Backyard fire pits are fun and inviting for the whole family. Grab a cup of tea or cider for the fall spirit.
  3. Find fall festivals or pumpkin patch nearby. Many of them are free or low cost and they are always a ton of fun.
  4. Enter or create a pumpkin carving contest. You can find a contest to enter or simply make one up for your family and friends to participate in.
  5. Go to an orchard and pick some fresh fruit or vegetables.
  6. Roast marshmallows. If you are going to have a bonfire, get some marshmallows (and maybe even some chocolate and graham crackers for s’mores).
  7. Go stargazing. Astrology is fun in the fall.
  8. Try Halloween Oreos. The best part of Oreos is that they create new flavors for the season and they are super delicious and unique.
  9. Watch Halloween movies.
  10. Create your own vintage Halloween costumes from a thrift store. Pinterest has ideas for days.
  11. Go to the Donut Festival. Yes, you heard right. Phoenix has a Donut Festival! Our personal favorite for Fall Buscketlist in Arizona.
  12. Create an ultimate Halloween punch or adult beverage. Try the Witch’s Brew or a Vampire Cocktail.
  13. Make an apple crisp. Nothing brings fall to live in your home like a warm, oven baked apple pie.
  14. Fall is football season. Host a football party for your friends and save big by making it a potluck.
  15. Make your own fall wreath. These DIY wreaths are both cheap and easy.
  16. Cook up a hot pot of chili.
  17. Sip on a pumpkin spice latte, outside in the cool morning to start your day.
  18. Take your own fall pictures. Most phones these days are so incredible that you can get away with a professional looking shoot without the fancy equipment.
  19. Make a leaf pile and jump on in!
  20. Turn your old sweater into a comfy and cozy fall scarf.
  21. Find local events for free hayrides, corn mazes or other fall festivities.
  22. Pumpkin spice fans, smell up your home by baking pumpkin cookies.
  23. Grab a book from your local library with a fall theme. It’s a great place to also rent movies.
  24. Find out if your kids’ school is hosting a fall event.
  25. Attend a high school football game. They’re usually free or cheap and still a ton of fun. Bring in your own snacks to save more.
  26. Go camping. If you can’t leave town, just travel to your backyard and snooze on your trampoline.
  27. Have a picnic in the park. It is finally cool enough!
  28. Visit your local farmer’s market.
  29. Make your own fall scarecrow for decoration or to scare away the pesky birds.
  30. Get organized. Finally put away the shorts and tank tops to let your sweaters and jeans shine in your closet.
  31. Try a new soup recipe. Go for easy or festive.
  32. Get out of your comfort and host a fall brunch, pot-luck style. Only allow fall style menu items.
  33. Go on a family bike ride.
  34. Jump on the pumpkin eruption train.
  35. Light up fall scented candles or wax burners all around the house.
  36. Create a candy display of candy corn and other festive treats.
  37. Design your own haunted house for the kids. Save up some cardboard boxes and get creative.
  38. Play a kid friendly, fall game with the whole family.
  39. Search for a new dish for this year’s Thanksgiving Dinner.
  40. Make cinnamon play dough.