Traveling on a Budget

Tips for traveling on a budget

Do you ever see friends on your Facebook timeline or Instagram feed that always seem to be traveling? They are taking selfies in exotic locations, tasting amazing food and having a blast. Well, this could be you!

If you want to travel more, but are worried about your budget, you can make both happen. When you prioritize travel, you might surprised what you can accomplish. Here are the top tips for traveling on a budget.

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How to Save Money on Flights

Flights are not cheap. One of the most expensive aspects of traveling is just getting to your destination. Since booking a flight is going to gauge the majority of your travel budget, get started now on knocking off some bucks.

Start collection miles and points – It sounds intimidating, but it’s really not: You just need to sign up for one airline in each of the major alliances, and then just start linking your number whenever you fly.

Find new search engines – When you only search through Expedia or Travelocity, you are doing yourself a disservice. There are even more places to search for flights than ever before.
Give these a try:

Google ITA Flight Matrix





Follow blogs and social media – Real people giving out real insider tips is always something to be mindful of. Some people are on top of glitches and low fares mistakenly published. Follow these hackers and scoop up some sweet deals. Travel bloggers and airlines are a good place to start following.

Book on Sunday – The lowest airfares seem to be posted on Sunday, followed closely by Saturday. Whatever you do, do not purchase tickets on a Friday. They are notorious for having amped up prices.

How to Save Money on Lodging

The next place your budget gets eaten up is for lodging. You must find a place to relax and unwind at night. Oh yeah, and sleep too! These are the best money-saving tips for lodging:

Try Airbnb or Couchsurfing –
There are all sorts of apps for sharing, and lodging has become prominent in that market. Your lodging budget can easily be pinched by using sites like Airbnb or VRBO.  Couchsurfing is a totally free option, although you are encouraged to also host people when you’re back home.

Consider a Work Exchange – If you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty on vacation, try a work exchange program. There are opportunities for you to work a half or full day in exchange for room and board.

Check Hotel Discount Sites – If you don’t mind bidding on unnamed hotels or booking last minute, then take a gander at some of these sites for discounted prices:




Apply to Be a Housesitter – If a little house sitting doesn’t bother you on vacation, then try these sites for house sitting in exchange for a free room for the night:

Trusted Housesitters

Mind My House

How to Save Money on Food

You have to eat on vacation, there’s no going around that. And you can’t live on nuts and granola bars for an entire vacation. However, you can still enjoy local good eats while pinching pennies.

Use Your Kitchen – If you are staying in a rental home, just use the kitchen to prepare you own food. Consider just splurging for one meal a day on the town.

Check online for deals – Still enjoy high quality restaurants with a more affordable price tag by going online. Sites like the following will have you eating for less:


How to Save Money on Everything Else

Once you have a plan for your flight, food and lodging, you know that there’s more stuff to spend money on. Here are more ways to cut and still have an awesome time.

Travel During the Shoulder Season – The shoulder season is the time to travel. Crowds will be lessened and  your ability to do things will be better (better prices too).

Check out city wide passes – Many touristy cities offer a city-wide pass that includes transportation, sightseeing or both.

Travel friendly credit cards – Don’t get suckered into high foreign transaction and ATM fees. They add up fast, so find a credit card that is friendly towards your travels.

Schedule activities in advance – Many activities you desire to do will have long wait times and even higher prices at the door. Research all activities ahead of time as you can save big and oftentimes skip long lines!

Bottom Line

The most savvy travelers are most likely to be accommodating and willing to prepare in advance. You can travel more often than you think if you do your research and maybe water someone’s plants while they’re away.