Top INEXPENSIVE Easter Dishes

Top INEXPENSIVE Easter Dishes to Make that will have EVERYONE asking for the recipe

With Easter fast approaching, you might already be thinking about what you will serve this time around. Easter is typically filled with chocolate easter bunnies, colored eggs, glazed hams and bread rolls! It is a great time for cooking up a great breakfast, brunch or even dinner.

There are so many options for an Easter meal, but many people have to do this on a budget. The good news is that an Easter meal can absolutely be done without breaking the bank and will also leave your guests full and satisfied.

Pro Tip: Grocery stores across the nation will start advertising sales on common Easter foods prior to the holiday. Instead of leafing through each ad, download the app, Flipp. This app allows you to look and search through all the ads at once. Skip the papercuts and find your sales easily and quickly.

Are you ready to set your Easter menu with a budget friendly and tasty selection? Let’s get started.

Breakfast and Brunch Menu
There’s no right or wrong way to feast on Easter. Some families truly enjoy a breakfast or brunch celebration so they can enjoy the rest of the day. This can easily be done on a budget. Here are some festive Easter recipes that will be easy on the wallet.

Main Dish
The main dish is the star of the show! Traditionally, ham steals the show on Easter Sunday. These recipes are sure to impress and will have everyone coming back for a second plate.

Vegetarian Easter Recipes
Keep in mind who might be on your guest list. Lots of people choose to skip meat altogether, so it is wise to have some vegetarian friendly options.

Side Dishes
Sitting pretty next to the main dish can be an array of side dishes to serve. Be sure to have a selection of potatoes, vegetables and who can leave out the deviled eggs? Not me!

Spring time, Easter and salads all go hand in hand. An Easter spread with a delicious salad will be a popular choice.

Carb lovers, this section is for you! Bread is a definite must for the perfect Easter menu. The options for bread are practically endless. Check out these buns!

Desserts and Easter Treats
Last and certainly not least, are the desserts and Easter treats. While the kids might have baskets full of Easter treats, the adults can have a selection of goodies to hunt for as well.

Extra Money Saving Tips
When hosting a celebration of food on a budget, there are ways to keep yourself on track. If money is what has you worried about your Easter meal, then try these tips to keep your budget from sliding.

  • Host the meal as a potluck. Ask your guests to bring a dessert or side dish to pass as well.
  • Open your pantry first before developing your menu. You may already have half of what you need.
  • Search for coupons. Besides the weekly store ads, be sure you are taking advantage of coupons too.

Final Thoughts
Easter is definitely a celebration of delicious food and family. You can easily make a tasty spread on a budget without breaking a sweat. All you need to do is plan ahead, watch for the ads and be mindful of your budget. There’s no shame in asking your family to help out if you can’t afford the entire meal.