Top Fuel Saving Tips

Top Fuel Saving Tips

Your vehicle is your lifeline to the outside world. Besides getting to and from work, your vehicle chauffeurs around children, hauls the weekly grocery load and takes you to a night out with friends or family.

However, your vehicle comes with a price tag. Even if your car is paid off you still have to consider your fuel bill. If you have any desire to save some bucks at the gas pump then these tips are just for you!

How Are Your Driving Habits?

Would you like to pay an additional $477 per year on your gas bill? No, we are sure you would not like that. However, if you tend to have more aggressive driving habits, then you will be sure to pay that or more in extra fuel costs.

According to the app, GasBuddy, people who drive with a lead foot, constantly break hard and accelerate rapidly will pay more at the pump. Calm drivers will spend less each year on gasoline. If you can bring down the intensity of your driving habits, then you will also keep your car in tip top condition, lasting much longer and needing less trips to the mechanic.

Work on calming your driving habits and coasting into your next stop.

Treat Your Car Nicely

Your vehicle should be treated with the utmost respect and it will repay you nicely. Vehicles need lots of care and consideration to be getting the best fuel economy on the road. Here are some ways to treat your car nicely:

  • Keep the tires full of air: especially when the weather changes, it is important to keep tabs on the air pressure to ensure maximum fuel economy.
  • No need for premium gasoline: while this may seem odd to say, you do not actually need premium gasoline. The chemistry of fuel has changed over the years and most cars will run just as efficiently on regular as they would on premium.
  • Oil: be sure to keep up on oil changes and that you are using the right motor oil. Using the wrong oil can make your car work harder and waste gasoline.
  • Fine tune your engine: if you can’t remember the last time your vehicle has had a tune up, then it’s likely time to make an appointment. A finely tuned engine will work more efficiently, saving you on fuel costs.
  • Change filters too: clean filters will also be great on your gas mileage.

Know How to Save Big

While gas prices have mostly stabilized over the last few years, there are still ways you can save when filling up your gas tank. Consider checking out the latest apps and finding places that have deals beforehand. Here are a few to consider:

  • Apps: Using apps like GasBuddy and AroundMe, can show your where the cheapest gas is nearest to you.
  • Membership fuel: Stores like, Costco require you to have a membership, but they usually have awesome deals on gasoline. It is a great place to go to fill up.
  • Drive past brand names: these days there’s no huge difference between gas stations. Choose a place near you, for a good price and don’t worry about the brand name.
  • Grocery store fuel: There are some grocery stores that have points or rewards systems for filling up. These programs can sometimes save you a whopping $0.30-$0.40 per gallon. That is huge! Check your your local grocery stores to see if they have these programs.

Consider Changing Your Habits

If you would rather go big, you could completely change your habits altogether. We are talking about getting rid of your car completely or making big changes in your daily routine. This could mean walking or biking to work or school. Maybe a few days out of the week you catch the bus or dust off your skateboard.

Saving money on fuel can be tough, but it can also be healthy for your body. Really consider your daily routine and find the places you can trim out a car ride to save on gas costs.

Bottom Line

You must see the larger picture before any of these tips work. That means you must use many of these tips together in order to see a big difference in your gas bill. Big changes will lead to big savings at the gas pump.