Top cheap/easy Christmas gifts for your children’s teacher/aid

When it comes to the most wonderful time of the year, one of the not so wonderful parts is buying presents for people you may not know very well. Especially if you have children, finding cheap and easy Christmas gifts for their teachers or aids can be tough. You want to give something meaningful, but also not completely break the bank.

You want to acknowledge the hard work and dedication teachers put into their jobs. They work so hard each year to teach your children and they deserve a ton of appreciation.

Here are the top cheap or easy Christmas gifts to give to your children’s teachers.

Gift Cards

The one size fits all present that is easy peasy is the gift card. While it may seem like a cop out to grab a gift card, it is definitely easy and likely will be put to good use. There’s no shortage of stores offering them, from restaurants to grocery stores.

Especially if you are clueless to what the teacher’s interests are, a gift card could be the easiest way to go.

Personalized Stationery

For some teachers, personalized gifts get them very excited. Opting for a personalized stationery set is one way to show your appreciation.

Locally in Phoenix, Paper Source specializes in these personalized gifts. There’s even a section dedicated to teachers specifically. This is a gold mine for gift ideas.

Coffee mug and coffee

You almost can’t go wrong with coffee these days. Teachers are fueled by the drink made of beautiful brown beans. Consider a complete gift including a travel coffee mug with a flavored coffee to indulge in.

Another option here is to incorporate coffee infused treats and snacks. From coffee laced jerky to coffee flavored chocolate, there’s something for every coffee lover.


I would be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn’t like popcorn. It is a delicious snack that is often gluten free and tasty. People love popcorn! While many stores sell the treat, consider stepping it up a notch and choosing a gourmet selection. Locally, My Popcorn Kitchen in Scottsdale has amazing options for anyone on your list. They have popcorn tins, an assortment of serving bags and an adorable storefront.

Additionally, they are not shy with sampling, so you can choose the perfect creation and maybe even grab a little bag or two for yourself.

Christmas ornament

For the teacher that loves this time of the year, a Christmas ornament might be right up their alley. There’s so many different types of ornaments to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Consider choosing something personalized, an ornament from their favorite sports team or movie.

Weathered wooden frame

You almost can’t go wrong with a weathered wooden frame. They’re sold everywhere, from Walmart to Amazon. Frames are great as you can gift them with or without a picture.

To add that personal touch, consider having your child help decorate the frame. This will make your present stand out and be remembered for years to come.

Donation to the classroom

Making a donation to your child’s classroom is a twist on gift giving. You can find out beforehand if the classroom is lacking any supplies, games or decorations.

Beyond the classroom, you can investigate making a donation in the name of the teacher for something they are interested in. There are many charities that are taking in donations, for example Toys for Tots or the Humane Society. Combine the donation with a picture in a weathered wooden frame and you have parent of the year written all over your face!

Personalized pencils

Another way to make a literal personalized mark is with personalized pencils. Teachers use lots of pencils and lose just as many. Kids will ask to borrow them and rarely return them. Now with a cute pack of personalized pencils, it will be harder for a student to deny whose pencil they are using.

Final Thoughts

Gift giving for anyone shouldn’t feel like a chore. Sometimes buying for someone you don’t know very well can feel overwhelming. Any item on this list is sure to be a hit, so take a moment to sit back and relax. You can easily choose a cheap or easy gift for your children’s teacher or aid without much research.