Top 10 Smartest Things to Buy in January

When January hits, the holidays are finally wrapped up and you feel like you can relax a little. Perhaps it is true that the hustle and bustle of gift buying are over, but your shopping ventures might not be completely done with. Believe it or not, there are some very smart things you can buy in January. It is time to get your budget together and start making a list. These are the 10 smartest things to buy in January. 

Frozen Low-Calorie Meals

Buying low-calorie food in January can be both healthy for your wallet and your body. Typically, frozen meals that are low calories will have good sales in January as manufacturers expect people to be interested in food people deem healthy. Frozen meals are great because they last longer and are ready to eat in just minutes.

Do not forget about coupons either, especially for food. You can check coupons through the retailer and manufacturer to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Healthy Cereals and/or Oatmeal

Another diet food that tends to be on sale in January is low-sugar or healthy cereals and oatmeal. Again, people tend to be more health-conscious in January and stores pick up on this. January is also National Oatmeal Month, so be on the lookout for deals relating to this. Be sure to grab all your coupons and use your cashback apps and rebates.

Gym Memberships and Equipment

A definite investment in your health and the new year is to grab a gym membership. Oftentimes gyms have great deals on their monthly fee, dropping registration fees, or giving out extras when you sign up in January. The gyms do tend to be quite busy this month, but if you stick it out, the crowds will eventually settle down.

If you prefer to workout at home, January is a good time to invest in at-home gym equipment. Again, retailers are aware that gym equipment gets scooped up this month and they are willing to make some deals. Be sure to check into work-out apps too for deals in January.

Cold Medicine

Sometimes you can’t stay healthy in January, as the cold season tends to hit hard. January is a good month to check out deals and coupons. Honestly, you never know when you are going to get sick, and do you really want to be running to the store when you don’t feel so hot?


The new year and month of January typically bring sales on bed linens and sheets. This is often called a white sale and has been a tradition since 1878. You might also see sales on towels and other bedding items. It doesn’t hurt to shop the sales for these items.


Many people stand in line and hustle through the Black Friday doorbusters for a TV, but sometimes the sales are just as good or better come January. It can be that stores are making room for newer models or they are tempting you for the big Super Bowl game, but you can certainly score a deal here.

Super Bowl Snacks and Soda

Speaking of the big game, usually, the Super Bowl takes place in early February. This means that you can stock up on snacks and soda in January in preparation for your big party. Check out all the ads and coupons for chips, dip and sodas.

Christmas Decorations

Shopping for Christmas decorations in January can really save big on your wallet. Typically storers tank their prices from 50-80% off or more. They are ready to make room and definitely want Christmas stock gone. Pack in the Christmas decorations now and you will have a nice surprise when you go to decorate at the end of the year.


January is often used as a time to haul off old inventory for the new season and that means furniture stores have big sales. Many styles can last over the years, so take a look at what your local furniture store has to offer for January sales.


In most places, bike riding is difficult in January. Most people don’t think to purchase a bike because it is cold outside. It then becomes the perfect time to buy as stores like to have sales on their bikes. You might have to wait awhile to ride it, but it will be worth it.

Final Thoughts
What are your favorite things to buy in January? Do you have any good strategies or have you found deals? As many stores begin to clear out for the next season or the new model, you can take advantage of saving big.