Tips to Lower Summer Utility Bills

We have Quick Tips to Lower Summer Utility Bills. Are you sick of paying too much for your utility bill? As the summer heats up in Arizona so does the utility bill. There are many tips and strategies for staying cool while not breaking the bank. You can choose a simple approach or invest in technology to help keep your home cool. Here are some of those quick tips to lower summer utility bills and a few that involve a little more investment.  

  1. Keep your thermostat clear. If there are any lamps or other heat sources nearby, your thermostat could sense that heat and keep running unnecessarily. 
  2. Put drapes up around all your windows and keep them closed. 
  3. If you have a fireplace, be sure the damper is closed so cool air doesn’t escape that way. 
  4. Big savings can come if you set your fan to “auto.” This ensures that the fan motor is off when your a/c unit is not in cooling mode. 
  5. Your savings can improve when you set your a/c to above 80 degrees. For each degree above 80, you can expect to save 2-3% each month.
  6. Let your ceiling fans help circulate the air by keeping them on at all times to reduce the pressure on your a/c unit.
  7. Consider doing any of your chores that include water usage during the cooler parts of the day. For example, washing clothes or running the dishwasher first thing in the morning is best. 
  8. Take short, cool showers instead of baths. 
  9. Be sure to use your bathroom fan when taking a shower to help dispel heat and humidity. 
  10. Wash your clothes in cold or tap cold water. Heating up water to wash your clothes is a huge cost to your utility bill.
  11. Turn down your water heater from 140 to 120 degrees.  You can always adjust this temperature when the outside temperature drops again. 
  12. Replace your light bulbs with LED lights. 
  13. Turn off lights, TVs and all other electronics when not in use. 
  14. Only open your refrigerator when necessary. Each time you open it up, about 30% of cold air escapes. 
  15. Keeping an extra refrigerator running on your porch or in your garage can add $15-20 a month to operate. 
  16. Grill outside for dinner to reduce oven and other heating appliance costs.
  17. If you have a dishwasher use the air dry mode to reduce the heating function on this appliance. 
  18. You can create a charging station for all electronics by using a single power strip. When not in use, shut the power strip off to save more money.
  19. Do not peek on your food often when cooking in the oven. Try to only open the door when necessary. 
  20. Hang dry your washed clothes as often as possible. It’s pretty hot outside and your clothes will dry quickly. 
  21. Replace your a/c filters routinely. 

If you are looking for a few advanced ways to save even bigger, try these techniques:

  1. Install a radiant barrier. This is a barrier placed between the inside of your home and your roof. Heat loves infiltrating into your attic. This barrier will reflect the heat back into the atmosphere and can save you up to 17% on your utility bill.
  2. Install attic insulation. Again, focusing on your attic is a surefire way to save big. Adding another layer of insulation in your attic can act as another type of barrier between your home and the hot Arizona heat. 
  3. Install a high powered attic fan. Forcing hot air out of your attic can be accomplished with an attic fan or ventilation fan, thus saving you more money in the long run.
  4. Install solar panels. With the sun shining more often than not, Arizona is a great candidate for solar panels. 
  5. Install a WiFi thermostat. Investing in the technological advancement of a smart thermostat can also help you save big. Some of these thermostats can follow your patterns of when you need more or less a/c without you adjusting anything manually.
  6. Install energy-efficient windows. Upgrade to dual pane windows and expect your utility bill to drop. 

Final Thoughts

Everyone wants to save money on their utility bill this summer. Sometimes it just takes a few tweaks and a few simple changes to your habits. To save bigger, you have to invest bigger. It is especially wise to go for the upgrades if you own your home. That way it has added value when you go to sell it. This summer will heat up, but your utility bill doesn’t have to.