Thanksgiving Morning Tradition

Thanksgiving is typically a day filled with tons of food, family, and thanks. Also, it is a day filled with tradition. Usually, there is a huge turkey to bake, side dishes to savor and football games to cheer on. This year, however, you can easily add on to your Thanksgiving traditions by adding a fun new morning event. By adding a fun Thanksgiving morning tradition, you can make this a jam-packed day of family, and thanks. Here are some ideas to try. 


Yes, Thanksgiving already centers around food. However, you can add breakfast to your menu with easy ideas that bring your family close together during the morning hours of the holiday. Most people can’t wait all day to eat the Thanksgiving feast, so some type of breakfast must be made. 

Some ideas to consider for a Thanksgiving breakfast include: creating a healthy platter of fruits and granola, having one family member bring the spread or opting for a breakfast of donuts or other treats that you typically do not have each morning. Keep in mind you want to opt for something that requires little to no cooking because you will definitely be doing plenty of that later. 

Turkey Trot

Tons of families have already opted for a healthy, turkey trot type run in the morning. These races do not have to be completely competitive and you do not have to be a great runner to participate. In fact, many turkey trots also offer family walks and other more relaxing races. 

If your local turkey trot has been canceled this year due to Covid-19, consider signing up for the virtual challenge. You can still race around your neighborhood on Thanksgiving morning. If this doesn’t sound like a good back up plan, you can always just try a morning family walk around your neighborhood to get your metabolism revved up. 

Play Football

Gathering the family in the backyard for a game of ball can easily become a fun Thanksgiving morning family tradition. Some families really get into the spirit and even spray paint a smaller version of a football field on their lawn.

If not everyone is into a game of football, consider also pulling out other lawn games. Some examples include bean bag toss or horseshoes. Getting the family up and moving is a great way to get everyone ready for a huge feast in the evening. 

Play Board Games/Card Games

Nothing brings together a family quite like a board game or card game. Some families love to play checkers, Clue! or Yahtzee. Other families opt for card games like Old Maid, Go Fish or Euchre. Some families really like to get into poker for a more high stakes type of game. 

Baking Cookies

Even though you might spend all afternoon in the kitchen, some families still opt for the morning tradition of baking holiday cookies. A fun option is to make sugar for all the young ones (and adults alike) to decorate. Even though pies are a Thanksgiving tradition, cookies will also be enjoyed. 

Grateful Jar

Your family can spend Thanksgiving morning in the great tradition of creating a Grateful Jar. This tradition starts by having everyone write down what they are thankful for this year. Then, all the papers get put into a jar. Next, they are read aloud and the family gets to guess who wrote which one. It is a fun and fuzzy feeling tradition to try out this Thanksgiving. 

Make a Video

Making a video on Thanksgiving Day is a great way to keep memories alive. With technology, nearly everyone these days can become a filmmaker. You can go around asking everyone what their favorite tradition is, what their favorite side dish is or what dessert they just can’t wait for. If you have a younger crowd attending your Thanksgiving Day, it might be a great opportunity for trying TikTok videos as well. They can get pretty addicting. This will be very fun to look back on in the years to come. It will be a fun Thanksgiving morning tradition that you will not regret. 

Final Thoughts

Opting for a fun Thanksgiving morning tradition is a great way to create even more memories during the holidays. There are lots of different ideas that could fit your family dynamic or several. This year is a time to bring the family together not just for a feast but for new ways to celebrate.