Thanksgiving Getaways in Arizona

Are you looking to get away for a Thanksgiving celebration in a new environment? In Arizona, there are lots of options for quick getaways where you can enjoy adventure, outdoor activities, and of course, a large feast. Here are some awesome ideas for Thanksgiving getaways in Arizona. 


  1. Getaway to Sedona

    For any season, Sedona ranks high as a great place to get away from it all. This could not be more true than for Thanksgiving as well. For starters, there are endless trails to hike if you are looking to burn a few calories before or after your big Thanksgiving feast. With incredible views of the Sedona Red Rocks, there is nothing more vibrant to enjoy. Don’t forget to check out the Chapel of the Holy Cross, as it is a unique sight in Sedona that should not be passed up.

    Many people flock to Sedona for shopping as well. Visitors love Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Village. This is an area with a medley of art shops, restaurants, and shops that has been recreated in a Mexican town. It was originally built on a sycamore grove of trees and tons of care has been given to maintaining the existing trees. Keep an eye out for interesting architecture, mosaic fountains, and enjoy the cobblestone streets.

    Another great opportunity for a Thanksgiving getaway that you won’t soon forget is to lavish yourself with a spa treatment in Sedona. Let all your stress seep away and get pampered with a salt scrub or Native American inspired therapy. This is the perfect opportunity to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

  2. Pack Up and Head to Saguaro National Park

    An impressive trip and great Thanksgiving getaway is to head to Saguaro National Park near Tucson. This national park is biologically diverse with a huge range of desert animals and plants which of course includes the famous Saguaro cactus. Be sure to bring your camera and stay for the gorgeous desert sunset.

    In addition to this great outdoor activity, you can check out more fun by visiting the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. You’ll need to reserve tickets in advance, but the experience will be worth it. A lot of the museum is outdoors and requires walking, but there are desert gardens to enjoy, animals to see, and lots to learn about.

  3. Stay Nearby in Phoenix

    The city of Phoenix has plenty to offer for a Thanksgiving getaway. This year might look a little different thanks to Covid-19, but there are still activities you can enjoy. For starters, the Phoenix Zoo offers plenty of attractions and animals of all shapes and sizes to explore.

    Typically this is also a great opportunity to join in the annual Turkey Trot 5k and 10k race. However, the pandemic of Covid-19 continues to remain a risk for gatherings of large groups. This year, you can try the event virtually.

    Lastly, there are still plenty of places to grab a meal or you can opt for an enjoyable outdoor setting of your own. With many parks around the city and great hiking trails, you can make this Thanksgiving getaway more adventurous.

  4. Head Over to the Apache Trail

    Located near Apache Junction, the Apache Trail and the Superstition Mountains is another great opportunity for a quick Thanksgiving getaway. This adventure does not encompass all paved roads, so be ready for a bit of off-roading. Visitors love traveling through Tortilla Flat and then making great stops at Goldfield Ghost Town, Lost Dutchman State Park, and Canyon Lake.

  5. Check Out Prescott

    A little drive north takes you to the town of Prescott. It is packed with a fascinating history and festive spirit for the holidays. Check out the ‘Tis Art Center and Gallery for fun exhibits and more.

    Also, Prescott was officially named “Arizona’s Christmas City.” Typically there are even more festivities kicking off immediately following Thanksgiving. So stay for the day of the feast and then stroll around the town for more fun and holiday spirit.

  6. Make it Special at The Grand Canyon

    There is no place more special in all of Arizona than the Grand Canyon. It is a magnificent sight to see and a perfect destination for a little Thanksgiving getaway. Specifically, the South Rim is open year-round. Keep in mind that the temperatures are definitely a bit more chilly, so pack your layers and camera for a great Thanksgiving destination. 


Final Thoughts

If you are looking to get out of the house for Thanksgiving, there are many suitable Thanksgiving getaways in Arizona. Some are nearby and others require a bit of a drive. However, each experience is unique and is bound to help create new memories for the holiday season.