Super Fun Dollar Store Valentines

Are you sick of the same old boring box of Valentine’s cards offered every year from the big retailers? They all say similar things and hardly spark any creativity or imagination. It might be super easy to grab a box and go, however, if you are looking to spice things up a little differently this year for Valentine’s Day then this could be your answer!

You can quickly and easily make DIY Valentine’s from the dollar store. That’s right! These beauties won’t break the bank and can be a fun activity to do with your kiddos before Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Jars

How cute is this? Create your very own jar filled with love and chocolate. The best part is that you can fill it with whatever you like and cater to any dietary restrictions. You can hand write all of the tags and help your child make special notes for each kid in their class.

These jars can be super versatile. In fact, if you have baby food jars at home you can use those instead. The most inventive part of this concoction has to be the cupcake wrappers used as lids. It is cute and festive. These Valentine’s Day jars have to be on your list of options this year.

Tic Tac Toe Game

If you think Valentine’s Day is all fun and games, then you are absolutely correct! Including a game into a Valentine’s Day treat is a perfect addition and kids will love it. For this Valentines creation, you just need a few packs of tic tacs, a homemade tic tac toe board, plastic baggies and ties. It is a fun and unique treat that no one will forget.

Love Bug Valentines

One problem with many of the store bought Valentines is that they can come off a bit cheesy, some a little too cheesy for the boys. A Love Bug Valentine can let you be in charge of the creativity and design. Many dollar stores will sell a batch of bugs in the toy section. Then all you need is a cutout of a jar to have your child write a note of love to their classmates.

Eyes on You

Combine googly eyes with a free printable and you have Valentine’s Day magic! These homemade Valentine’s Day cards are both creative and silly. Any child will get a kick out of googly eye.

Play Doh Creation Kit

I doubt any kid has ever not been happy receiving Play Doh as a gift. Using Play Doh in this Valentines creation kit means a foodless treat that will still be enjoyed by everyone. All you need to do is download the printable card, grab a few packs of Play Doh from the dollar store and you have a fabulous and fun creation. Don’t forget to add a fun note from your child.

You Rock! 

How about a little pop and rocking for Valentine’s Day? This super simple dollar store find means you just need bags of Pop Rocks and a card. Your child’s classmates will sure have a rocking time this year.

You Make Me Glow

Have the classroom glowing this year with handmade, DIY glow stick Valentines. Many dollar stores sell glows sticks in multi-packs. Just design a fun card with a glowing expression for a priceless gift.

A Little Extra

Gum is fun and so is this Valentine. Just create a fantastic card with a little extra saying. Super simple and super cheap!

Love Potion Necklace

Perhaps your child wants to give a gift of a love potion. These love potion bottles can be found at the dollar store and filling them is a great activity your child can help you with. Add some glitter, color and bit of love for a cute and cheap gift.

Pencil Sharpener Valentine

Another fun and foodless option are these super cute arrows. Combine a pencil with a pencil sharpener at one end with some creative wings and you can shoot a love arrow to anyone’s heart. All the supplies can be easily found at your nearest dollar store.

Bottom Line

There’s endless options when choosing DIY dollar store Valentines treats. You can quickly and easily create a fun Valentine for your child to show off on this special day. Custom notes are always an option and there’s no limit to your innovation.