Summer Road Trips Out of Phoenix

The Best End of Summer Road Trips Out of Phoenix

Ending the summer just right might involve a road trip right out of Phoenix. If you are tired of the heat and the view, then it’s time to gas up and get out. Here are the top end of summer road trips to cool you off this year.

Less than 3 hours
If you want to get out, but not really travel too far, you are in luck. There are many great places to discover that are less than 3 hours out of Phoenix.

Kartchner Caverns

Drive Time: 2 hours 30 minutes

Town: Benson, AZ

Why drive here?

It’s a quick drive and this Arizona State park has it all. In Southeastern Arizona you can experience creepy caverns, scenic trails and tons of wildlife. There’s a campground nearby for tent and RV camping.

Step outside the park and there’s even more to do. Benson has a ton of history, including the Benson Historical Museum, Gammons Gulch (movie set and museum), The Thing (tourist attraction) and the footprints of Earp brothers at the OK Corral.

You can also see tons of stars. We are not talking about the Hollywood type, but those in the sky! The Vega Bray Observatory can be found just east of Benson. You can see stars there or from the Butterfield RV Resort Observatory. Both locations offer a great view of the nighttime sky.

Ghost Town of Jerome

Drive Time: 2 hours

Town: Jerome, AZ.

Why drive here?

Do you like creepy, ghostly type experiences? If so, then Jerome might your quick ticket for a road trip of fun. A former mining town, Jerome is now home to nightly haunted tours, Gold King Mine and plethora of bars, restaurants and shops.

Mogollon Rim 

Drive Time: 2 hour 10 minutes

Town: Payson, AZ.

Why drive here?
You want to drive here for one reason. Pictures! The Mogollon Rim is high up with views of the entire state at your disposal. You can bike it, ride atop a horse or take a leisurely stroll to see some spectacular forestry of pine trees and desert scenery.

Wild Wild West

Drive: 2 hours 50 minutes

Town:  Tombstone, AZ.

Why drive here?

For the most authentic wild west town in all of Arizona, you have to make the road trip out to Tombstone, AZ. The history of the wild west just oozes all over this beautiful town. Besides the usual dining, lodging and shopping you can do, there are unique attractions as well. You can witness a historic gunfight, ghost tour, mine tour and visit Wyatt Earp’s very own Oriental Saloon and Theater. There is tons to do and see in this small town.

Less than 6 Hours

Want to drive a bit further and maybe even right out of the state. These road trips are less than 6 hours one way, but will have you seeing much different sights than you are used to.

Palm Springs

Drive Time: 4 hours 5 minutes

Why drive here?

Palm Springs has turned into a little oasis in the desert. The weather will be hot and you will feel like you have arrived in the 1950s as the town hasn’t lost much of it’s mid-century flair. There is no shortage of activities in this beautiful town.

You can start by checking out the Cabazon Outlets that have crazy deals for days that is perfect for the bargain shopper. Nearby, you can also visit the Cabazon dinosaurs. These guys made their debut in the Peewee’s Big Adventure (kids from the 80’s will understand). Just tell em that Large Marge sent ya!

You can also visit the local art museum, casino, enjoy a bike tour or even check out the Coachella Valley Preserve for free!

Las Vegas
Drive Time: 4 hours 5 times

Why drive here?
Sin City is so close to Phoenix, it is a hard road trip destination to pass up. From pressing your luck gambling, to pool parties and hopping night clubs, Vegas is definitely for the party person. You can enjoy some amazing buffets and even the new High Roller (observation wheel). The entertainment is non-stop in Vegas, baby.

Along the way, don’t forget to check out the Hoover Dam to get in at least one sightseeing stop.

San Diego

Drive Time: 5 hours 20 minutes

You drive to San Diego because the weather will be fantastic. You stay in San Diego because of the fun things to do. The beaches here are seemingly endless with tons of paths for walking, biking and taking in all the beautiful scenery. The food will be plentiful and the beer will be cold.

Bottom Line
Once the summer starts winding down, it is hard not to want to get out one last time. The best part is that there are tons of places you can road trip to that are relatively close. There’s no doubt, these places will keep you entertained.