Spring Training in Arizona

The best places to catch a spring training game in Phoenix 2019

Baseball spring training is here in The Valley and that only means it is time to decide. It is time to decide which stadiums are the best to catch a game, which has the best hot dogs and which teams are going to be the best to watch. No one can guarantee which teams will actually showcase the most talent or action, but spring training season is always a fun event to attend in the valley with friends and family.

What is the Cactus League?
Each year, well over 1 million fans attend spring training games in Phoenix that is better known as the Cactus League. The league is made up of 15 teams who all travel to the valley of the sun for training and practice games. There are a total of 10 facilities that host these teams, making it the largest concentration of professional baseball complexes found anywhere in the United States.

This year games begin February 21st, 2019 and last through March 26. There are hundreds of games to choose from and lots of teams to root for. Each stadium is also fascinating. Some are newer, while others have been around for years. Depending on what experience you are looking for, spring training season is ready to deliver.

What is the best spring training stadium to catch a game at?
If the stadium has you most interested in your spring training experience, there are plenty of great options to choose from. A recent fan study actually calculated which stadium received the best feedback. “The study used comments from fans on the facility, the overall aspect of family friendliness at the park, the food and the overall experience.”

The winner here is: Surprise Stadium, home to the Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers.

This stadium was even ranked the best stadium out of all other spring training stadiums in Florida as well. What makes this stadium great is that the field is intimate and every seat has a good view. There’s a good chance to interact with the players and your entire family will have a fabulous time.

The Surprise Stadium has also had $23 million in upgrades over the past few years. There’s new seats, renovated clubhouses and playing surface improvements. The food is also going to be amazing. Of course the stadium features hot dogs and beers. However, the hot dogs are artisan and the beer comes from tasty local breweries (Four Peaks and State 48).

In the fan study, the Peoria Sports Complex came in second, while the Salt River Fields in Scottsdale rounded out the top three.

The Peoria Sports Complex is home to the Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres during spring training. At this stadium you will also find renovated seating, more shady areas, and an expanded team store. There’s even a ship-themed play area with a splash pad for the young ones to cool off in.

Also keep in mind that the Peoria Sports Complex offers lots of promotions and discounts. Check in advance if the game you are interested in has special offers.

If you are looking for a stadium that delivers on food, then the Salt River Fields would be your choice. Home to Arizona’s team, the Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies, the Salt River Fields will blow your taste buds away. You will find an array of tasty specialty kiosks along with Native American food like the classic Indian Fry Bread.

The remaining stadiums will still deliver plenty of fun and exciting professional baseball games too. They may have scored lower due to wear and tear, parking issues, traffic jams and lack of shaded seating.

When it comes to spring training season in Phoenix, the games are fun, but it is also provides a huge economic impact on the Arizona economy. It is estimated that $644 million is contributed each year. The league also makes an impact on charities and nonprofit organizations.  

“Some facilities offer volunteer opportunities and nonprofit partnerships that generate meaningful contributions to various programs, charities and scholarships throughout the state.”

Bottom Line

Regardless of which complex you choose, you will be sure to catch some amazing plays and great games. Be sure to show up with an empty stomach and bring some extra cash for apparel from the fan stores. The weather and the games are heating up for some great action.