Spring Cleaning Tips

Top Spring Cleaning Tips

The spring season is the time when many people consider doing a deep clean on their home, organizing things that have gotten a little out hand and straightening up piles of messes that have been ignored for weeks and months on end. It is also a great time to declutter your life in general. Are your ready to get the top spring cleaning tips for your home and your life?

Top Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Before you even get started with a broom and a dust rag, consider your strategy first. Make sure you have enough cleaning supplies, disinfectant sprays and storage containers. The perfect starting tip is to have 3 boxes and label them ‘keep,’ ‘donate,’ and ‘trash.’ As you clean your home, you are bound to come across items that you need to get rid of or you need to put into proper storage. This is the perfect opportunity to reorganize your things and donate or toss the items that need to leave.

Next, consider where you want to start. You do not need to deep clean your house in a single day. However, there are outlines where you actually can get a good deep cleaning done in just 8 hours.

Now, let’s look at the top spring cleaning tips for your home:


  1. Vinegar is your friend. Combined with water, vinegar can get rid of scum on sink faucets and it is environmentally friendly. Oh and it’s pretty cheap too! Many things on your spring cleaning list can be cleaned with vinegar.
  2. When dusting, try to dry dust first. Using a liquid can make dusting tricky. Don’t forget to dust the top of the furniture. You could easily be surprised at the amount of buildup on top of a TV screen, a tall armoire or a bookshelf.
  3. Don’t just wipe down surfaces, but be sure you are using a disinfectant.
  4. When you get to your closets, go all the way and start packing up and shipping out the clothes you no longer wear. If you haven’t worn it in a year, it is time to let go of it.
  5. In your bathrooms, consider disposing of things under the sink and in your medicine cabinets that you are truly not using anymore. Wipe down your makeup brushes, mirrors and scrub down the entire shower.
  6. This is the time to deep clean a humidifier if you have one. A dirty humidifier can actually make you more sick if not cleaned properly and regularly. Also, be cognizant of cleaning things like your cutting board, coffee pot, and toilet brush. These things are often not cleaned enough or not done effectively.
  7. Don’t skip the baseboards. Spring cleaning involves getting down and dirty and that means getting cozy with your baseboards. Don’t get too disgusted with how dirty they make your rags.
  8. Don’t forget to clean under your bed, open drawers that get little attention and get in the corners.
  9. It is also time to go through the dreaded junk drawer. Everyone has one and it actually can be organized in just 30 minutes!
  10. Don’t worry. If you don’t deep clean in a single day or even if it takes longer than a week, that is ok. Make a plan and focus on what you can accomplish.

Top Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Life
Once you have your house in tip top condition, consider moving on to your personal life. Having a clean home can feel like a huge weight of your shoulders and so can tidying up your life. Here are the top spring cleaning tips for your life:

  1. Relationships
    It’s time to cut the cord with toxicity and relationships that are not healthy. Cutting ties with people can be one of the most difficult things to do and it can also be one of the most healthy things for your life. If you are unable to completely sever ties with someone who is toxic, consider at least creating healthy boundaries with those people. This could mean not getting involved in their drama or only visiting with them under certain circumstances.

    Cleaning up your relationships can also mean reaching out to people you wish to reconnect with or desire to spend more time with. Take a chance and pick up the phone.
  2. Routine
    Perhaps your daily routine needs a little sprucing up. It may be time for it to become habitual, but take an honest and deep look into your day. You might find that you actually do have the extra time to hit the gym regularly or you need to step away from the TV for a bit to enjoy the sunny weather.
  3. Diet
    If your New Year’s Resolution diet has already gone by the wayside, now is the time to resurrect that dream. The pressure is off to create some huge waves and now you can focus on some small changes. For instance, toss out the chips from your pantry and throw away the ice cream. Next, create a healthy meal prep grocery list and get to work. You can do it.
  4. New hobby
    A way to clean up your personal life is to create a new outlet. Perhaps it is time to finally sign up for that spin class, rent a kayak or try a crossfit class. There’s no harm is trying something new and it might be your next favorite activity.
  5. Unsubscribe
    It’s time to let go. Unsubscribe from all that junk email that clogs up your inbox. If you haven’t opened one email from a company in the last month or two, chances are that you won’t ever open one. Don’t let other people’s junk infiltrate your life in any sort of way.
  6. Declutter your attitude
    Your outlook and attitude on your day, your week or your entire life can be changed. Is it time to let go of some road rage? Maybe you are done with the gossip at work. Take a deep look at your attitude and the areas you can improve upon. Make some steps each day to get rid of the bad attitude.
  7. New goals
    Once you’ve let go, consider adding a goal. As previously mentioned it could be adding a hobby or perhaps adding “me time” to your day that includes doing something just for yourself consistently.

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