Spring break on a budget

Spring break is right around the corner and places are filling up fast for a week full of relaxation, fun and zero studying. If you are like some students, you probably do not have a large budget to start with. The good news is that you can still have a great spring break on a tight budget if you do it the right way. Here are the top tips for doing spring break on a budget.

  1. Plan ahead

    If you are just looking into flights and hotels now, it might be a little late. Rates can sky-rocket fast as the dates get closer and closer.

    If you are planning ahead there are some little quirks to consider. Often you can save money by flying during the week. Avoiding a Friday or Sunday flight can save you up to 20%.

    Planning ahead also entails creating a budget. How much can you really spend on transportation, lodging, and food? Plus there might be extra expenses with entertainment, etc.

  2. Check your school

    Many school campuses have offers for spring break trips. Sometimes schools can get discounts or they might offer their own group trip. Check out the different organizations to see if anyone has something already set up.

  3. Research all deals

    Deals are everywhere if you just start looking. You can score discounts on food, transportation, hotels, etc. Keep an eye out for discount codes and promotional offers. Be sure you read all the fine print so that you are making the proper booking. Remember, not all discounts are posted online. In very touristy areas, there might be coupon books and brochures with extra deals.

  4. Save on souvenirs

    One huge waste of your money is spending it on souvenirs. Let’s face it, shot glass collections go to waste, and you probably won’t hang on to most souvenirs for more than a few months. For most people, pictures are the best type of souvenir for any trip. Have fun, but save your cash.

  5. Look into cost-sharing opportunities

    Going on spring break with a group of people is one of the best ways you can save big. Group discounts can make a huge difference in every aspect of your vacation. Your friends might also have different strengths in planning the trip details. You might have a cheapskate that can score huge savings on a hotel or a detail-oriented friend ready to crunch the numbers.

  6. Use your student ID as much as possible

    Let’s face it, students get extra discounts with their IDs. Take advantage. No matter what you do or where you book, always ask if there is a student discount.

  7. BYOB

    A huge money suck is alcohol. If you are 21 or older and wish to make your spring break include any type of alcohol, always bring your own if you can. It can be hard to find dive bars or good deals when you first arrive at your destination. Pre-party if you must, but alcohol will always be super expensive at any bar, restaurant or club.

  8. Go off the beaten path

    Choosing a destination can make or break your spring break plans. You can often find similar weather, but save big on cash when you choose a less touristy hub. For example, choosing Miami instead of Key West or Panama instead of Costa Rica can save you a few hundred dollars, but still, give you the spring break of a lifetime.

  9. Road trip it

    Who doesn’t love a road trip? If you grab a group of friends and hop in your car for the road, it can easily save you big bucks. Sharing the cost of gas, hotel, and entertainment is easy peasy. It is also great as you can be on your own time schedule and be spontaneous if you like.

  10. Hostels

    Very popular across Europe, hostels are a great way to save big, if you don’t mind strangers and sharing. It is really just a place to crash at the end of the night, right?

  11. Go camping

    Lots of people take advantage of camping when the weather permits. Getting outside and into nature can be very relaxing for the soul, and also super budget-friendly.

  12. Hit up buffets

    Food has to be on everyone’s budget. Besides bringing all your own food, the next best idea is to find a buffet or a happy hour. The best thing about buffets is that you can really fill up and there is something for everyone in your group.

  13. Hotel freebies

    Hotels are notorious for freebies. Check to see if your place offers complimentary breakfast or on-site discounts. They might also include transportation to certain areas of the city included in your night’s stay.


Bottom Line

Spring break can get pricey if you are not prepared. There are lots of ways to save big when you research, book early and keep an eye for money-saving deals. Spring break is really what you make of it.