Side Jobs to Try This Valentine’s Day

It is quite possible that this Valentine’s Day does not have you giddy with romance or excitement. In fact, many people choose not to celebrate the holiday for a variety of reasons or even choose to celebrate early in order to avoid the crowds. This year, you might want to consider another change of plans and earn money on Valentine’s Day. Take advantage of all the love birds out there and put some cash right in your wallet. Here’s how!

  1. Drive for a Rideshare Company
    When people hit up the town for a night out, it creates high traffic times for rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft. This means that you will have plenty of opportunities to drive couples around and earn some cash. The best part is that you can create your own hours and cruise in the comfort of your own car.

    If this sounds like something you have been meaning to do, get started now. It does take a bit of time to get setup and you might want to take some practice runs before the big night. For extra tips, make your car inviting with string lights, great music and nice conversation.
  2. Babysit Kids and/or Pets
    Sitters are in high demand for Valentine’s Day. This can be for both pets and kids. Many people make easy cash by babysitting and parents often pay more for the holiday. Oftentimes the parents stay out late, meaning the kids will likely be sleeping for the majority of your shift.

    If you opt to just take care of pets, you could potentially hit up a few homes in a single night. Pet parents are often willing to pay $30-40 just for someone to check on their furry friends and put some food in a dish. It makes for easy work.
  3. Deliver Food
    Another flexible job that you can perform for extra cash on Valentine’s Day is to deliver food. Delivery companies like Postmates love having extra drivers for big holidays like the day of love. Many couples opt to leave in-person dining for the masses and want food dropped right off at their home. You can capitalize on this interest by becoming a delivery driver.
  4. Sell Gift Cards
    Did you know you can resell unused gift cards? Maybe you have some leftover Christmas gift cards that you just won’t use or some just floating around. Whatever the case may be, this is a very quick and easy way to make some extra cash. You can try websites like Raise to sell off your wanted gift card. 
  1. Style Hair or Do Makeup
    Are you a professional hair stylist or makeup artist, or do you have that hidden talent? If so, you could earn some extra bucks this Valentine’s Day by offering your services. Many people want to look extra sharp on this holiday, so get networking to see who you can make look glamorous!
  2. Be an In-Home Chef
    If your talents lie in the kitchen, you could offer to be part of someone’s date and become an in-home chef. The demand for an extra special service like this will be high, so get your name out there. Love birds love indulging in these types of unique luxuries to impress their flame.
  3. Take a Picture
    It is possible to take epic pictures on Valentine’s Day to earn extra money. You could get in touch with local restaurants to offer your services to patrons for a fee. You could also take stock pictures to resell online. Imagine beautiful couples taking romantic strolls, ice skating or just a restaurant full of love birds. You have plenty of options here.
  4. Sell Gifts
    Most people don’t show up to a Valentine’s Day date empty handed, but people also tend to procrastinate. Take advantage and sell romantic gifts like flowers, stuffed animals, chocolates and greeting cards. Just find a busy spot in your city to set up shop.
  5. Put in Your Own Extra Hours
    Perhaps you could just use the extra time to work on your own, unrelated side hustle or business. Even if you have a partner, you might not care to go out and about on such a busy day. You can still earn that extra cash, but in your own unique way. 

Bottom Line

This year, you can earn extra cash on the holiday of love. Valentine’s Day presents plenty of opportunities to put cash in your wallet instead of going broke. You can take advantage and still have a great celebration.