Secondhand gifts

Finding just the right gift for that special someone for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday can feel like an endless hunt, especially if you have a budget to keep in mind. You can always fall back on gift cards, but they give off impersonal vibes. The solution that just might work is to find a place with secondhand gifts that your friends and family will adore.

In a recent survey from, over 60% of respondents were ok accepting a secondhand gift. Meanwhile, only 4% said they would be completely turned off by this type of gift-giving. Your chances of a successful gift-giving experience with secondhand merchandise is rather high. Here are some of the best places to find secondhand gifts that your friends and family will adore. 

Your typical brick & mortar thrift shop

Thrift stores are located on almost every corner of every city. From your Goodwill chains to the Salvation Army, these stores carry a huge variety of items. The best part is that each store, even those within the same chain, all have different items. You could spend hours strolling through each store and find amazing treasures.

Keep in mind there are also some stores specific to kids. For instance, Kid to Kid and Once Upon a Child have gently used items that could make great gifts. Young children are the least likely to be upset over receiving a secondhand gift. 

Online sellers

Without even leaving your couch, you can pour through hundreds of ads by searching online sellers. Some of these sites are better for local items while you take chances with other sites on shipping and buying sight unseen (besides the marketing picture). You always want to research the integrity of the seller and pay close attention to how the seller interacts with you when you communicate. Always be safe when purchasing 3rd party in this manner. 

Some top sites to try include:
Facebook Marketplace
Offer Up

Yard Sales, Estate Sales, Flea Markets

To get your hands on the product physically, try a yard sale, estate sale, or flea market. This way, you know what you are getting before bringing it home. Also, be aware of anything that they might just be giving away for free. Lots of people are just happy to see their stuff gone and not living its last years in a dump. 

Libraries & Churches

Occasionally, libraries and churches will hold sales as charity or fundraising events. This is a great way to snag something at rock bottom prices. The best part is that they often do not know the true value of some of their listed items. You could really walk away with a steal here.

Pawn Shops

A pawn shop is a great way to snag something at a low price. These places are best for musical instruments, jewelry, DVDs, bikes, and more. Don’t be afraid to try to haggle a little too. They might be interested in dropping a few bucks to move merchandise.

Buy Nothing Groups

Believe it or not, there are groups across the globe that are full of people giving away their stuff and expecting nothing in return. These groups are called Buy Nothing Groups and it could save you a ton of money each year by going this route. You could easily find some great gifts to give.

These groups were started on Facebook as a sort of social experiment to see what would happen when a gift economy parallels a cash economy. Great things seem to be happening as these groups continue to grow and gifts continue to be recycled.

Look around your home

Lastly, take a look around your own home. The easiest gift to give is the one that you have lying around. This might mean that you have to do a little spring cleaning or storage diving. Just be mindful of not regifting a gift to the person who first gave you the item. That could be embarrassing. 

Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of places to shop for secondhand items that your friends and family will truly adore. The best part is that while you are recycling an item, you will also be kind to your budget. It is very likely that your friends and family will love what you get for them.