Prepare your Home for Holiday Guests

With the holidays upon us, you might be intrigued to open your home to guests. Hosting for the holidays can be super fun but also, super exhausting. As a host, you might worry a lot about the comfort of your guests, how comfortable your home is, and making sure you got everything just right. The thing is, you can invite guests into your home for the holidays without the added stress by preparing properly. Read more on how to Prepare your Home for Holiday Guests.

These simple tips will help make your home presentable and lessen the stress once your guests arrive. 


The very first step in preparing your home for holiday guests is to start the decluttering process. This is where you not only get rid of messes, piles of clothes, and stacks of old toys but start thinning out spaces where your guests will spend the majority of the time. You want to create extra space by removing unnecessary furniture or other items. Make sure to take extra consideration in the guest bedroom and bathroom. You want to offer as much space as possible.

Remember, this is just temporary so it is ok to hide some items if need be. Perhaps you can fit some things in your garage or hallway closet.



Night Lights


When guests arrive from out of town, they most likely are not going to be familiar with your home. A great idea to keep guests comfortable is to install night lights around your home. Night lights are cheap, but a good investment for having guests over. Be sure to put them in hallways and bathrooms.


Track Your Inventory

Dashing to the store last minute is an obvious stressful burden. You want to prepare your home for holiday guests by making sure you have an appropriate inventory. Consider things like toilet paper, paper towel, and other necessities that go beyond food and drinks. Now is the time to count your supplies and be sure you are stocked. Be sure your towels are clean and ready for shower use. You may even want to outfit each shower with a bath mat and toilet plunger.  You want certain things available to help avoid any embarrassing events.


Make Inventory Available

The inventory you stock up on is only useful if it is available. Once your spaces are decluttered, make sure you make the inventory readily accessible. Be sure to put extra rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom and other toiletries on the countertop so your guests know they are for their use.

You will also want things like extra pillows and blankets available. Just make sure everything is washed up and your guests know where they can access these items. 


Bring Your Coffee Station to Life

It is likely that at least some of your guests will be searching for a cup of coffee each morning. Coffee is life, am I right? Keep in mind that everyone likes their cup a joe prepared differently than you might. This means you might need to splurge on different types of creamers, sweeteners, and god forbid…decaf options.

You want your coffee station to be clean and accessible. There should be no question about the amenities that go along with a cup of coffee. Even consider adding a few extra chairs to the kitchen in case people want to drink and chat. 

When It Comes to The Little Ones

If your guest list includes some little ones, you might have to pay extra attention to their needs as well. Kids are mischievous and could not only mess up your home, but they tend to have the potential to break things as well. Be sure to put any breakables up high, cover electrical sockets, and be mindful of your valuables. Also, make sure that your stairs are blocked off and cabinets are locked tight. You might consider baby proofing an area that is blocked off completely by a gate. Also, if you have a Christmas tree already up and decorated, be mindful of the little ones around it.

If you do anticipate little ones, be sure to stock up on wipes. You will need them.

Going The Extra Mile

If you want to do extra credit, there are little things you can do to go the extra mile. You can bring an added layer of comfort and luxury to your home. If you want your guests to know that you are ready for their stay, consider doing these things:

  • Put chocolate on their freshly made bed
  • Wrap guests towels in a ribbon
  • Put a chilled water bottle by their bedside
  • Turn on relaxing music in their room
  • Burn their favorite essential oil 

Finishing Touches

For the finale, you can give that added touch by buying fresh flowers or filling the air with a preferred scent via a wax burner. You want your home looking good and smelling good as well. Any last detail will be appreciated.

Bottom Line

Hosting guests for the holidays can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. You can create the perfect atmosphere where your guests will feel welcomed and relaxed. Be sure to add those finishing touches to really let your guests know that your home was prepared just for them.