October Crafts for Kids

October Crafts for Kids

With Halloween just around the corner, it is time to start getting in the spirit (no pun intended). If your home needs a Halloween makeover that involves the kids, then this is the list for you. Get ready for a spook-tackular time on a budget with the October Crafts for Kids!

DIY Skeleton Dish
Supplies: Plastic skeleton with removable joints, glass taper candle holder, glass tealight holder, glue and paint.
For this super scary Halloween display, you just need to breakdown a skeleton, glue together a candle holder and tealight holder, then paint! It is super easy and can be used to hold a variety of things, like candy, toys or other spooky items. You can spice it up by using your own favorite Halloween paint colors or filling it with your own special treat.

Skeleton Hands Wreath
Supplies: 9 plastic skeleton hands, krylon metallic silver spray paint, chalkboard circle, glue and chalk.

Can I get a hand? A skeleton hand wreath that is! This is super easy and budget friendly wreath will be a hit with the kids. You just paint the hands, glue them to your chalkboard circle, write a little spooky saying and you have a wreath worthy of your front door decor.

Spider Web Vase
Supplies: Vase, paint and glue.
Transform your plain and boring dollar store vase into the perfect Halloween decoration. Just paint the vase, hot glue a spider web design on the front, fill with your favorite Halloween colored flowers and you have got a Halloween hit! Get extra creative and add a ribbon at the neck of the vase to top it off.

Pumpkin Lights
Supplies: One pack of orange Halloween straws with pumpkins, 1 strand of orange twinkle lights and scissors.
The basic idea here is that you remove the pumpkins from the straws and they should fit right over the light on the strand. Easy peasy!

DIY Ghost Candles
Supplies: Tall white candles (as many that will do the trick), sharpie.
Yes, these DIY Halloween crafts got even easier. Just create your own creepy ghost face on each candle for a ghoulish candle look!

Skull Candlesticks
Supplies: A pair of candlestick holders, two skulls, paint, glue and tealights.
What can’t you do with these dollar store candlestick holders? Paint them a color that screams Halloween to you, glue a glitter skull to the top and then carve out a place to set a tealight.

Skeleton Vase

Supplies: Skeleton garland (2), one glass vase, hot glue, fake dead flowers & moss, sponge brush, and painters tape.
You basically cut up the skeleton garland and attach it to the vase. There are a ton of ways you can make this more creative, if you dare!

Spider Headband
Supplies: Plastic headband, black ribbon, spiderwebs, plastic spider, hot glue and scissors.
If you want to take your Halloween decorating one step further, just try this easy to create spider headband! The best part is that you can make several of these, even if you are on a budget.

Spiced Up Jack O’Lantern
Supplies: Jack O’Lantern, primer (or leaf paint) and paint.
Do you ever notice that most stores that sell Jack O’Lanterns look pretty boring? Well, you can spice up your Jack O’Lantern with this quick tutorial.

Halloween Cake Stand
Supplies: Spider bowl, plate and glue.
If you can glue together a bowl and plate, then you have crafting skills! When you combine a sweet spider bowl with a dollar store plate, you can make Halloween come to life!

Spooky Skull Wreath
Supplies: Mini styrofoam skulls, tire wire, hot glue and ribbon.
You hardly need to channel your inner Martha Stewart to create this stunning and spooky skull wreath. If you can find the skulls with lights in them, then your wreath will be extra scary for all the little trick or treaters showing up at your door this Halloween.

Spooky Bush Eyes
Supplies: Pumpkin buckets (2), aluminum foil, white spray paint, red and black paint.
What kid won’t be terrified by a spooky eyes popping out of the bushes in front of your home? These eyes are super easy to make and you likely have half the supplies lying around your home.

Floating Halloween Frames
Supplies: Dollar store frames, white spray paint, sandpaper, glue, ribbon and black vinyl.
These creepy floating Halloween frames are the perfect touch for your entryway. You can add your own creepy touch just the way you like.

Halloween Tablescape
Supplies: Dollar store or Goodwill vases/jars, fake moss, skeletons/birds/spiders/sticks/headstones, etc.
Don’t forget to spruce up your dining room table this Halloween. This cheap and easy design definitely looks more tricky than it really is.

Zombie Planted Hands
Supplies: Pots, dirt, zombie hands, skewers and fake blood.
For a big scare at your front door, try making these super easy zombie planted hands. They’re are terrifyingly easy.