National Coupon Month

Did you know that September is National Coupon Month? Now is the time to learn the ins and outs of couponing and how to take advantage of big savings. We all know that the holidays are around the corner and saving here and there right now is going to help us through the shopping we will be doing very soon. Here are the top ways you can celebrate National Coupon Month this September!

  • Get Into the Couponing Lingo

    There’s no hiding it, couponing can be difficult when you are first starting out. It can, however, be very profitable in the end. One of the first things you should get used to is the lingo. The couponing world has its very own abbreviations and slang. Here are just a few things you should brush up on before starting:

    • B1G1 = Buy 1 get 1 FREE
    • BOGO = Buy 1 get 1 FREE
    • B1G50% = Buy 1 get 50% off the second one
    • Catalina = A coupon that prints out of the Catalina machine at the checkout lane.
    • CC = Credit Card
    • CRT = Cash register Tape
    • DD = Dead deal 
    • FAR = Free After Rebate
    • GC = gift card or Gift Certificate
    • MIR = Mail In Rebate
    • NED = No Expiration Date
    • NSR = No Size Restriction
    • OOP = Out of pocket
    • OYNO = On or Off Your Next Order 
    • Peelie = A coupon or rebate found attached to a product
    • PM = Price Match
    • RR = Register Rewards 
    • WSL = While Supplies Last
    • WYB = When you buy
  • Become Loyal

    Now is the time to sign up for your grocery store’s loyalty program. This is a great way to begin your couponing journey. Grocers like to send out coupons just for their loyal followers. You might get them when you check out, in the mail, or through their app.

    In addition to becoming a loyal member, downloading the store’s app is also a must. Grocery store apps are a great way to score more deals and stay organized. Many apps allow you to create a grocery list and clip electronic coupons. Some even offer additional rewards towards fuel at the gas pump.

  • More Apps

    Other apps you should consider downloading are the rebate apps. These apps are pretty easy to use. You can check out the app before you shop to see where you will get rebates and then just scan in your receipt to see if you scored any cashback. Each rebate app has its own way of scoring your purchase, but it all adds up when you use them consistently.

  • Know Coupon Policies

    Each grocery store is going to have its own set of rules when it comes to using coupons. It is best to get to know your store and what they will allow before you begin shopping. For instance, not all stores allow for overages – or receiving cash back if your coupon is worth more than the item purchased. Some stores have limits on the number of coupons you can use, some will not allow more than one type of coupon per item or coupons on clearance items.

  • Have a Coupon Party

    Do you have a friend or family member that is a coupon expert or just wants to learn? For National Coupon Month get together with someone to share your experience with. You each will bring something to the table and learn a lot more using two heads over one.

  • Build a Stockpile

    A fun and competitive goal for National Coupon Month could be to build a stockpile via couponing. This goal does not have to be fully achieved in just a month, but you could begin to organize the items and start your treasure hunt to save big. Consider the upcoming holidays when you begin your quest.

  • Do a Coupon Challenge

For a season couponing pro, now is the time to up your game. Consider taking a shopping trip where you only choose items that will ring up for free. Another challenge is to donate from the stockpile you currently have to your favorite charity, school or church.

  • Ask for Coupons

A fun activity you can is to write to companies asking for coupons. Believe it or not, many companies will give away coupons if you just ask for them. You can handwrite a letter or find their email address to keep things electronic. 


Final Thoughts

If you have never considered celebrating National Coupon Month, now is the time. There are many ways you can begin to learn, understand, and attempt to coupon. All you have is money to save, so why not start checking it out today?