Must Have DIY Christmas Gifts

14 Must-Have DIY Christmas Gifts

For Christmas this year, you can create some fabulous DIY Christmas gifts that anyone on your list would be happy to open. This year, go for a clever, personalized gift that shows you put some thought into gift giving. These 14 must-have DIY Christmas Gifts will put your Christmas shopping to ease. 

Marbled Clay Ring Dish
Beautiful clay ring dishes can easily be made with just a few things. You can get creative with the design and color. Each dish can be made special for the recipient you have in mind. In fact, they are so easy to make, you can make multiple per present.

Rootbeer Reindeer
Nothing is cuter than sprucing up a 6 pack of root beer to appear as little reindeer. It can be a super fun way to involve your children into creating a fun DIY Christmas project. These are great gifts for teachers, instructors or other people in your life that you want to show a little extra love to this holiday season. Keep in mind, you don’t have to use only root beer. You might have someone on your list that prefers beer instead.

Monogrammed Soap
A great smelling present and personalized gift is all wrapped in one with this Monogrammed Soap DIY project. You’ll need some glycerin and a few tools, but this is a project made for any skill level. Just remember to keep the finished project in an air tight package or with cling wrap to make sure they stay fresh when opened on Christmas Day.

Homemade Soup Mix
This is a gift that will definitely not go to waste. There are at least six different flavors you can choose from. It is a very thoughtful, simple and inexpensive gift to give this year if you are looking to trim your holiday budget. Creating a cute little tag to tie to the top of the jar will be just as fun as layering the soup ingredients.

Caramel Latte Tea Cup Candle
A little something different for coffee lovers, these caramel latte tea cup candles will make anyone excited to open up. You can literally use any tea cup (think dollar store) to create these fun and great smelling candles.

DIY Doggy Bow Tie
For the animal lover on your list, you must try out these DIY doggy bow ties. They are cute, they are simple and doesn’t every dog need to look a little dapper this Christmas season with a cute bow tie? Big flashy bows are definitely in style this year.

DIY Spice Rubs
For any guys (or gals) on your Christmas list, a DIY spice rub recipe is a must have. The fun part is that you can choose whatever container suits you and there are thousands of printable tags you can customize to fit your recipient. These are tons of fun to make and the chef in your family will appreciate it.

Holiday Cookie Gift Basket
Homemade gift baskets are the best. Especially this DIY holiday cookie gift basket; it is super fun to make. Just collect all the items needed to make a batch of delicious cookies (including the recipe) and design your very own basket.

Glowing Family Luminaries
Pictures are a great gift to give during the holidays. You can make this year a little extra special by trying out the glowing family luminaries. It is a combination of a candle and a photo, all in one.

Family Photo Album
Another great way to give the gift of photos is to craft your very own family photo album. With some fabric, embellishments and glue, you can whip this up in no time.

Christmas List Photo Ornament
A great DIY project that will last through the years is the Christmas list photo ornament. It is a great way to cherish the memories of young children and their wish lists each year.

Monogrammed Wreath
This wreath might appear fancy, but it truly is easy to put together. This personalized craft can be made for anyone in your family with many different personal touches you can add to it.

Everything in a Jar
Another mason jar DIY favorite is this Everything in Jar gift. This is especially perfect for gifting to teachers. You can use the provided themes or come up with something clever yourself. These are versatile, easy and will definitely be a hit.

Bread in a Bottle
Another great all-in-one gift is the Bread in a Bottle DIY project. You can use either an old milk bottle or a canning jar. You just layer the ingredients and tie it together with the recipe. These are super fun and they look awesome.