Mother’s Day on a budget

Ways to celebrate Mother’s Day on a budget

Celebrating Mom on Mother’s Day is an absolute must. She cooks, she cleans, she works hard and makes sure everyone else is put first. On this Mother’s Day, it is time to put her first and make her feel special.

If your first reaction to this is to freak about your budget, we get it! Celebrations are often a way we overspend. This Mother’s Day, however, you can plan ahead and create a budget friendly way to shower your mom. Remember it is about spending quality time together.

  1. Choose a free family outing
    Parks are free! Grab the whole family, pack a lunch and head outside for the day. Enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and pick an outdoor activity she enjoy.Perhaps she wants to read her favorite book while swinging in a hammock. Maybe she likes to go fishing or just catch a few sun rays. She will enjoy the time spent with family outside of the home without a doubt.
  2. Good old fashioned coupon book
    You know your mom best and she might need a few coupons from you. Consider all the ways you could help her take a load off! Some favorites might include: getting a massage from you, taking care of the laundry for the week, a night out on the town, a home cooked meal or an early night off from kids and chores.
  3. Cook for her
    It is safe to say that most moms do not mind a night away from the kitchen. If your cooking skills are up to par with her favorite meal, spend Mother’s Day preparing her favorite dish. If you are not confident in your cooking skills, go recruit another family member or friend. Make it special and top it off with a favorite dessert as well.  Don’t forget to include a full kitchen clean up afterward to put that cherry on top.
  4. Special movie night
    Keeping your Mother’s Day celebration on a budget doesn’t have to mean doing nothing. You can bring the movie theater right to your own home. You might have to skip the brand new releases, but now is your chance to find that movie she has always wanted to see.

Top off your evening with a bowl of fresh made popcorn, her other favorite movie theater snacks and some bubbly refreshments. Create the atmosphere just like at the movies and she might not even notice the difference.

  1. Family game night
    Some moms really enjoy playing games. Perhaps you need to invite the family or best friends over to have a fun game night. Be sure to stock the fridge full of cold drinks and treats for all to enjoy. Order a pizza or her favorite fast food so no one gets stuck in the kitchen.
  2. Finish her ‘Honey Do’ list
    If she has a ‘honey do’ list, now is the time to start checking off the things that have gone by the wayside. Yes, finish the whole list. It might be simple, like painting a room or changing a few light bulbs. Again, consider recruiting some help to get everything checked off her list and she will most definitely be impressed and feel loved.
  3. Frame it up
    Moms love pictures and nowadays many pictures get stuck on phones and flash drives for life. Get to finding some great shots and have them printed off. You can find some super nice frames at your local dollar store to keep this project budget friendly.
  4. Send her out the door
    Some moms just want a day alone. It is your turn to take the kids and let her have a day away. Send her for a pedicure, a walk around the neighborhood, to the library or any place where she can just relax for the day. This day is all about her and some moms desire time alone to recharge.
  5. The usual
    When all else fails, you can default to the usual. The usual candles, lotions, perfumes, candies and flowers. No mom is going to be disappointed in some nice smelling spray, some beautiful roses or fragrant lotion.


Bottom Line
There are many ways to celebrate mom this Mother’s Day and none of them have to break the budget. Lavish outings usually do not stick in the mind of a mom when compared to time spent together with her favorite things. She wants to be spoiled, but sometimes that means just being together.