Most Terrifying Places in Arizona to Visit

Most Terrifying Places in Arizona to Visit

Are you looking to visit someplace absolutely terrifying this Halloween in Arizona? Well, Arizona is one of the few states that has a scary history full of haunted hotels, spooky restaurants and chills that run right up your spine. This list is only for those who are brave enough to mix and mingle with haunting spirits.

Aravaipa Canyon
Safford, AZ.
Upon arrival to this beautiful canyon, you’ll notice right away the striking beauty of the running water and diverse flora. What you won’t pick up on right away is the brutal history this canyon has in store for you.

It all began on April 30th, 1871 when a vigilante party of roughly 140 American, Mexican and O’odham men went on the attack. They ended up killing and mutilating 144 people, who were thought to be the responsible party to raids that happened in Tucson. The group ended up being mostly Aravaipa and Pinal Apache women and children.

Your visit will likely be relaxing with gorgeous views. However, if you feel a little off or get a few goosebumps, you might just be picking up on the gory history of this beautiful place.

Hotel Congress
Tucson, AZ.
Very few places have a history quite as troubling as Hotel Congress in Tucson. It was home to a disastrous fire in 1934, when at the same time authorities were working to apprehend gang leader, John Dillinger and company. Then there’s the tragedy of Room 242, where a young woman committed suicide. That room, among others, are said to be full of paranormal activity. Are you willing to stay the night to find out?

Haunted Hamburger
Jerome, AZ.
A restaurant with a spooky name, The Haunted Hamburger is rumored to be haunted. The building was originally a miner’s boarding house that eventually became a private residence, and is now a restaurant.

If you are brave enough to enjoy a meal here, be on the lookout for strange occurrences such as strange noises, objects moving or a ghostly image in a photo. If nothing else, you will enjoy the unique decor and delicious menu.


Bloody Basin
Carefree, AZ.

If you have ever driven north on 1-17 toward Prescott, then surely you have seen the signs for Bloody Basin. The name is fitting, since lots of blood was spilled there on March 27, 1873. It was called the Battle of Turret Peak and the U.S. Army ambushed a camp that led the death of between 25-50 natives. Sources will say the Tonto Apaches were targeted, however, it might have actually been the Yavapai people.

Jerome Grand Hotel
Jerome, AZ.

Likely one of the most well-known hotels in all of Jerome for paranormal activity, The Jerome Grand Hotel, will not disappointment for spooks and thrills. You see, prior to becoming a hotel in the 1920’s, the building was actually a hospital and an asylum. As you can imagine, there are many spirits that are said to be haunting the building.

Specifically, there is an elderly miner said to haunt the second and third floor of the hotel. The spirit of a young boy and an old lady dressed in white are also supposedly roaming the halls. Lastly and most famously, the spirit of the caretaker who died in the 1930’s may also be playing tricks with the power in the elevator. He was found at the bottom of the shaft with a broken neck and believed to have been murdered.


Bucket of Blood Saloon
Holdbrook, AZ.

There’s no doubt that Arizona has a bloody history and in Holbrook there is a saloon and street that precisely describes that eery past. This area in the 1880s became a prime spot for outlaws, rustlers and gang members. Specifically in 1886, a shootout in the saloon resulted in a blood bath that looked as though a bucket of blood had been poured across the floor.


Canyon de Chelly
Chinle, AZ.
Another site of a horrible mass killing can be located at the Canyon de Chelly. You wouldn’t be able to tell now, but back in the 1880s it was a place where many Navajos lost their lives to the U.S. Army as they cleared the area. You can enjoy the beauty of the canyon walls, but it’s history is quite bloody.

Canyon Diablo
Canyon Diable, AZ.
Once a small railroad town, Canyon Diablo was home to the wild wild west. Currently, there isn’t much to see, but back in the 1880s it was home to saloons, brothels, gambling houses and a vicious reputation. A once terrifying town is now simply a ghost town with few remnants spread throughout.

Ghost City Inn
Jerome, AZ.
If you haven’t noticed by now, Jerome, AZ. is a spooky city. A great choice for ghostly encounters is at the aptly named Ghost City Inn. Previous guests of this hotel have reported seeing ghostly figures and doors being slammed shut by no seen forces. Do you dare give it a try?


Hotel Monte Vista
Flagstaff, AZ.
Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff has many reports of rooms being haunted. There is the tale of the bellhop who won’t stop working, even after his death. Guests have reported that in room 210, a voice comes to life announcing that their room service is ready. In room 305, there is a rocking chair that makes it way around the room. Do you think it will spook you too?


Yuma Territorial State Historic Prison

Yuma, AZ.
What is more terrifying than visiting a historic state prison? Operating from 1876-1909, the Yuma Territorial State Historic Prison held a variety of criminals, including murderers, robbers, polygamists, etc. This jail was not the most luxurious of places. It was also home to diseases, overcrowding, infestations, solitary confinement and lots of death. Nearly half of all inmate deaths were due to tuberculosis. So, do you dare to visit this creepy prison?

Copper Queen Hotel
Bisbee, AZ.
Quite possibly the most famous haunted hotel in all of Arizona is The Copper Queen. Various spirits have been rumoured to haunt this hotel since construction finished in 1902. Some of the spirits include Julia Lowell, a ghost of a former prostitute that worked in the hotel in the 1920’s-30’s. Her death is said to have happened in room number 315 when she fell in love with one of her clients and was subsequently rejected by him. She killed herself in the bathtub.

Another spirit occurs in that of a young boy whose mother worked in the hotel. It is said that he drowned swimming in the nearby San Pedro River. Besides these two haunting guests, there are other reports of former guests and employees hanging around the hotel. If you hang around long enough, you just might see something scary too!

Final Thoughts
It is easy to see that Arizona is quite the terrifying place to visit. The history of these places is bloody and scary. The spirits are still around to make sure you get a real scare!