Money Saving Strategies for Fall Break

Fall Break Money Saving Strategies

Many schools have a week (or sometimes even 2) off for fall break. It is a great time to stretch your legs and your mind on something other than the books. If you haven’t quite thought of a way to spend your fall break, but you also need to stick to a budget (as we all do), here are some ways to still enjoy a break and still not blow your whole savings. Save money!


  1. Midweek travel plans
    A huge way to save on any travel plans this fall break is to travel during the week. Everything from gas prices to hotels will be cheaper during the week. You can make a great and less expensive trip if you do a 3 day trip mid-week.

    Traveling mid-week might also help you out if you still need to grab a few hours at your part-time job. You have two weekends wide-open with a great break in between. Not everyone can afford a full week off, but a nice mini-vacation might help you out.

  2. Discounted hotel sites
    Your fall break money saving strategy needs to include strategizing your hotel stay. Hotel sites like are great for finding low rates on your hotel. Be sure you also utilizing cash back sites like Rakuten and Swagbucks before booking your room. You might earn some cash back, depending on what site you use and where you stay.

    Remember, some hotel sites have blind bidding. This means you can get a super cheap hotel, but you might not know where you are staying until after your purchase. If price is a huge deal for you, this could be your cheap ticket.

  3. Vacation rentals
    Another option to snag a room on the cheap is to check with vacation rental sites like VRBO and AirBnB. Vacation rentals are nice break from a traditional hotel room, and you might even score a rock bottom price if you are booking last minute. Be sure to read the fine print, as sometimes additional charges are added to the original price.
  4. Vistor’s bureau
    In order to save money on fall break, you also have to consider what experiences you are looking for. A very cost-effective way to choose an activity is to check out the local visitor’s bureau. This website should have a calendar of activities, coupons and other suggestions for local attractions that are popular.

    Of course, there are plenty of websites that also offer discounted prices on entertainment. Websites like Groupon, Living Social and Travel Zoo will help bring down the cost of your fall break entertainment.

  5. Bring your own food
    Another big expense that you can whittle down is your food bill. When trying to pinch pennies, it is best to bring as much of your own food as you can. As you probably know, eating out is not cheap. You can easily bring snacks and meals to make no matter where you are staying. You might have to live off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but you will be saving big time.
  6. Plan your gas expenses
    You can easily pay $0.10- $0.20 more per gallon of gas if you do not pay attention to when and where you fill up. As stated above, most things you purchase are cheaper during the week. Try your best not to fill your gas tank up Friday-Monday. Also, take advantage of apps like GasBuddy, that give you up to date prices on fuel so you can make the best financial decision.
  7. Staycation
    Well, if your budget simply does not allow for you to getaway at all on fall break, that is ok. You can use this time to work extra hard to save for spring break or try to enjoy a little staycation. See if there is something local that you can enjoy during this time. You can also find out if your friends are staying in town and make your own fun night out, a special dinner or exclusive party. There is no reason you can’t have a little fun if your budget is tiny.

Bottom Line
Fall break is always a great time to get away and decompress from school and life. However, your break time doesn’t have to bust your budget. Use these simple fall break money saving strategies to have a great time, even if your budget is small.