Auto Title Loans In Phoenix AZ

Title Loans in Arizona Can Keep Your Bills At Bay

When it comes to paying your bills, it can be a very stressful time. What you might not know is that many people take advantage of title loans in Phoenix, AZ. to keep on top of their bills. Whether your hours were cut for a week or you had an emergency come up, a title loan in Phoenix, AZ can get you out of a tough situation.

Why use a title loan to pay your bills?

Many people in Phoenix choose to pay their bills with title loans when they encounter reduced hours at work, an emergency situation, or something else that is preventing them from paying all their bills on time. The best part is that you can receive the cash the very same day you apply for it and usually within minutes.

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How do title loans work?

A title loan is simply a cash loan you can receive by using your car’s title as collateral for the loan. You do not need to surrender your car during the repayment process. You continue to drive your car while you make payments back to the title loan company.

Consultants will work with you to make sure you can pay the money back in comfortable monthly installments. They also will not check your credit history. So even if you have no credit or less than stellar credit, you can still apply for a title loan.

Keep in mind, you need to own your vehicle outright in order to secure a title loan.

What if I am still making payments on my car?

There is still an option for you if you do not own your car outright. If you are still making payments on your car, you can apply for an Arizona registration loan. The thing to remember here is that you usually are much more limited on the amount of money you can apply for with a registration loan.

What are the advantages of getting a title loan in Phoenix?

If you are on the fence about choosing a title loan in Phoenix, then you should take a look at some of the advantages of applying.

  • Applying is quick and easy
  • You can receive the cash the same day
  • You can pay back most title loans EARLY and WITHOUT a penalty
  • Your credit score will not usually be taken into consideration
  • You can still drive your car
  • You can quickly get yourself out of a sticky situation

When it comes to paying your bills, you might be struggling to find a system that works for you. Here are some best practices to manage your money so you don’t find yourself in a hole each month.

  • Get organized: Find a method that works for you, but find a way to either digitally or with paper organize your bills. Many people choose a binder or envelope method. Either way, you need a proper place to put your bills in an organized fashion.
  • Pick a payment method. Again, this will be based on your preferences, but choose something you can stick to. Most people will find direct debit to be the most efficient way. If you are still paying any bills with checks, investigate if there is a quicker or easier way to get that one paid.
  • Double-check your work: Even if all your bills are coming out automatically, you should always check your bank account and be absolutely certain your bills were paid and for the correct amount. Set aside one day each month to make sure everything was taken care of for the month.
  • Don’t ignore the problem: Letting bills go unpaid will certainly hurt your credit score and they will definitely not go away if ignored.
    Need an app to track your bills?

There’s always an app for that! Bill paying is definitely an area where you can manage it all through an app. There are simplified apps to very complex apps for the people ready to budget every last cent. Here are some top bill-paying apps.

  • Overall saving and budgeting: Mint and Acorns
  • The die-hard budgeting app: YNAB
  • The bare-bones app: Pocketguard
  • For paying and tracking: Prismmoney
  • For a personal assistant: Albert

Final Thoughts

Title loans in Phoenix, AZ will definitely help you keep your bills at bay if you are in a tough spot. Almost everyone will experience an emergency or financial crisis at some point in their lives. Do you know how you will handle it? If your bills are piling up and you are looking for a moment of relief, apply for a title loan to get you through.