Legitimate work from home jobs

Legitimate work from home jobs

Extremely popular and highly sought after; work from home jobs are all the rage these days. From students trying to juggle school work and extra dough, to stay at home moms looking to grab some cash while babies sleep, working from home is a great opportunity for so many people. It can also be your very next full-time career.

The problem is, it is hard finding the ones that are actually legitimate. Many people find jobs on craigslist or indeed that sound amazing, only to be fooled and scammed. The good news is that more and more real companies are looking for talented workers to set up shop in their own homes. Companies are finding that it reduces their overhead costs and their pool of applicants is larger than ever before.

If you have ever been interested in working remotely, but are wary of the credibility, have no fear. Here are the top places to search for work from home jobs in 2019.

Teach English
You don’t have to leave the comfort of your couch to teach children across the world to speak English. The demand to fill these jobs are high, so the requirements to teach are NOT rigorous. Many companies focus on Chinese grade school children, which means you can snag some extra hours early in the morning or late at night (which gives you plenty of time to still work a full-time job or go to school).

Some companies do require a bachelor’s degree (but not all), and some may require a 6 month contract from you. The pay range depends on many factors, but you can expect to earn between $14-$22/hour.
If this sounds like it’s right up your alley, here are some things you’ll need to have to get started:

  • Erasable whiteboard and markers.
  • Props like charts, pictures, posters or stuffed animals
  • A web camera
  • A high-speed internet connection
  • A computer, tablet or smartphone.

Check out these companies for more information:

Freelance your skills
Bloggers, editors, content writers, web designers and graphic designers, etc. all have the opportunity to earn extra cash at your own pace. There are many online forums where you can showcase your skills and earn cold hard cash.

Here are some places to find jobs to freelance your skills:

Remote customer service
Run a customer service show from you own home to earn that extra dollar. Many companies are contracting with individuals to provide customer service over the phone and by computer to cut their costs. That’s great news from you as you can wear pjs, sipping your coffee and taking care of business.

The pay is also decent. You can expect to earn between$10-$19/hour with the average being around $13/hour. You may even have the chance to receive health benefits and retirement funds.

Legitimate work from home opportunities include:
U-Haul: virtual assistant
American Express: virtual career
Concentrix: work @ home

Become a bookkeeper
You don’t have to be a CPA to potentially earn a staggering $60/hr! If you enjoy helping people succeed and have good computer skills, you can become a bookkeeper.

The Bookkeeper Business Launch website has free information on how to run a successful bookkeeping business, earning great cash while working less hours.

If you have mad listening and typing skills, then a transcriber position could be just what you are looking for. Check out Transcribe Anywhere to learn just how to transcribe, how to start your own freelance transcribing business and earn big bucks doing it. Take jobs that suit your needs and work at YOUR pace!

Dog Sit
Calling all dog lovers! Dog sitting is now an opportunity for you to conduct your own gig and earn some cash. You can choose services such as dog walking, dog sitting (including overnight) and daycare.

The app Rover allows you to connect with dog owners to take care of their every needs. No need to find the business on your own. Simply fill out a profile, offer your services and wait for dog owners to connect with you. Average sitters can make around $1000/month. That’s not too shabby for cuddling some furry friends.

Bottom Line
The number of legitimate work from home jobs are getting more and more popular each day. There’s opportunity if you look for it and maybe even train a little for it. You can make big bucks and not even leave your house or change out of your jammies. Working remotely is profitable for both you and the company you are working for!