Labor Day in Arizona

If there is one thing that is certain this year about labor day in Arizona, it is that festivities all over the state are going to look different. The pandemic of Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc all across the country affecting daily routines, schools and of course, celebrations. Nearly all the routine Labor Day festivities have been canceled. Perhaps this year you and your family can celebrate Labor Day in Arizona a new and fun way. 


Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

The origins of Labor Day are derived from honoring the social and economic achievements of the American worker. It is truly more than just the signal that summer is over. It is the American workers who built a strong infrastructure of the nation with blood, sweat and tears that went into America’s dams, roads, bridges, etc. Even though we may not necessarily feel as though we are celebrating such a great achievement, it is a great federal holiday and day of respite before the fall and winter months begin. 

If you are looking for a new way to celebrate Labor Day in Arizona, here are some pandemic-friendly new ways:

Drive-in Movies

A fun, family activity that is making a huge comeback is the drive-in movies. This activity is Covid-19 approved as it allows for natural physical distancing. You can now catch new releases, blockbuster hits, family movies and cult classics in the comfort of your own car. So, where can you catch a drive-in flick? Check out these drive-ins:

West Wind Drive-In
Digital Drive-In
Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
The Drive-In at Schnepf Farms
Moonlight Movie Night
Starlite Movie Night

Backyard Movie Night

Why not bring the drive-in movies to your own backyard? Families across the country are getting creative with transforming their own backyard into a movie night backdrop. You might want to invest a little into this project to create a great atmosphere. Consider a movie projector, sound system, theater lighting and cozy cushions for lounging. Don’t forget the popcorn, bubbly drinks and candy.

Lake Day

An activity that is likely to be hot this year is a simple day at the lake. Many lakes are open, but some might have restrictions this year on what you can and cannot partake in. Many people around Arizona are still enjoying boat rides, kayaking, swimming, fishing and playing in the sand. Many lakes also have camping options. Here are some great lakes to spend Labor Day weekend on:

Lake Pleasant
Lake Powell

Canyon Lake
Saguaro Lake
Bartlett Lake
Woods Canyon Lake
Alamo Lake
Blue Ridge Reservoir
Willow Springs Lake

Take a Hike

While the weather is still hot, it doesn’t mean you can’t take a hike. Just be sure to go early in the morning or late at night to avoid the pounding Arizona heat. Be sure to leave your dog at home as well, Labor Day weekend is still typically too hot for pets to be hiking at any strenuous length of time. Some great trails to hit up include:

Piestewa Peak
Camelback Mountain

Papago Park
Lost Dutchman State Park
North Mountain and Shaw Butte
Deem Hills Recreation Area
White Tank Mountain Regional Park

Organize a Car Parade

Since most parades for Labor Day are likely to be canceled this year, it doesn’t mean that you must forgo all parade activities. Car parades have become the new way to celebrate birthdays, baby showers and graduations. This year, you can organize your very own Labor Day car parade with friends, family and neighbors. You can decorate your cars with streamers, balloons and signs to enjoy this new custom.

Make a Home Celebration with New Recipes

If you are ready to go all out this year with an at-home, Labor Day celebration, then you might be ready to get groovy with a DIY approach. You can custom make decorations, games to play with the kids, try new recipes, and enjoy the day at home. Here are some really fun, DIY Labor Day ideas:

Patriotic Wreath
Patriotic Candle Holders
Labor Day Kids Crafts Ideas
The Ultimate Labor Day Menu
Labor Day BBQ on a Budget

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Labor Day 2020 will be a lot different from years past. Many typical festivities are likely to be canceled, but it doesn’t mean that you have to completely give up on this holiday. It just means that you have to be a little more inventive or change direction altogether from previous years. Who knows, you may even begin a brand new tradition for future years to come.