Keeping your car cool in the desert this summer

Keeping your car cool in the desert this summer

Your car takes a beating from the heat each summer it survives in the hot, Phoenix desert. Keeping cool is a challenge, and sometimes requires creative and ingenious ways to keep from roasting alive. If you need to find some ways to keep your car cool this summer in Phoenix, we have just the list for you.

  1. Be Shady
    Now, we are not saying be a shady person, but buy some sun shades for your car’s windshield and always use them. If you have ever spent a summer in the Phoenix heat, then you know you just can’t live without shades across your windshield. Even if you are just running into a store for a minute, the sun shades will definitely help.

    Keep in mind that you can also use them on your rear windows too for a bonus cooling effect.

  2. Dash Cover
    There is always a chance you will burn yourself when entering a hot car. A dash cover to protect it from the sun rays will not only conserve your dash, but it will conserve your skin, and help you feel less overwhelmed by the heat.
  3. Steering Wheel Cover
    Your steering wheel is also going to get super hot. Even with a sunshade over your windshield, your steering wheel is going to be ablaze! Snag a steering wheel cover at an auto shop or department store. If you don’t have one on hand, even using a hand towel will help keep it cooler.
  4. Pick the Best Parking Spot
    When you are out and about, have a good parking strategy. Find a shady parking spot if possible, especially if you plan to be busy for awhile. Every little thing counts.
  5. My Precious
    Any type of precious possession should steer clear of your car in the Phoenix summer heat. Direct sunlight will ruin many items and skyrocketing temperatures will also do no good. Be sure you definitely take out any deodorant, chapstick, crayons or anything that can melt or ruin your interior.
  6. Cracked Windows
    Keeping your windows cracked just a tad bit will also help with ventilation. Keeping them wide open is not safe, so make sure you can’t fit your arm through the window. Also, if you have sunroof or moonroof, keep that cracked just a tad too. Bear in mind that when monsoon season hits, this might not be a great idea.
  7. Solar Powered Fan
    A solar powered fan for your car is a great way to keep air circulating, especially when you combine it with cracked windows for ventilation.
  8. Blankets
    Have you ever sat on a leather or vinyl seat in the heat? It burns! And then when you try to get up, your skin seems adhered to the hot seat, burning and peeling away as you move. It is the worst feeling! If you can’t afford car seat covers, just grab an old towel or blanket. Works like a charm every time.
  9. Use Your A/C Intelligently
    Once you’ve made it inside your car (hopefully without a burned bottom), your car’s a/c should be on full blast. If your car’s air conditioning isn’t functioning properly or you don’t use it in the most effective way, it could easily take longer than you would like for your car to reach a comfortable temperature.

    How do you maximize your car’s cooling ability? Simply turn the a/c on full blast as soon as you start driving. Then lower your back windows for 10 to 20 seconds. This will help push hot air out as the cool air comes out of the vents. Once you’ve reached your desired temperature, you should use the car’s air recirculating feature along with the air conditioning to maintain the coldest air.

  10. Tint
    For the long haul, consider having your car windows tinted. Of course, you will want to find a reputable company to do this for you and make sure you are following the laws with regard to how tinted you can get your windows. You can find a DIY kit, but keep in mind they are going to be temporary and if you are not skilled, it could be disastrous.

Bottom Line
It will get excruciatingly hot this summer in Phoenix. There is no doubt about that. However, you do not need to suffer in your hot car if you can use these tools to cool it down. You need to be prepared and have a cooling strategy to beat the hot summer heat.