How to Prepare your Home for Holiday Guests

How to Prepare your Home for Holiday Guests

Being a host for your friends and family during the holidays can be absolutely exhausting. Hosts tend to worry about their guests, that they are comfortable and not missing anything. If this sounds like you, then you probably need to brush up on how to prepare you home for holiday guests this year. 

These simple tips will help make your home presentable and lessen the stress once your guests arrive. 


Consider spending some time before your guests arrive decluttering your home. We are talking about thinning out the spaces where your guests will spend the most time. Make extra space in the guest bedroom, see if there are things you can remove from the guest bathroom and other spaces to give your guests more room.

Remember, this is just temporary so it is ok to hide some items if need be. Clear off countertops, stuff things in your closet and remove bulky furniture that they might trip over.

Night lights

Speaking of tripping over things, your guests likely are not going to be immediately familiar with the layout of your home, especially at night (and especially if there are kids spending the night). Night lights are cheap, but a good investment for having guests over. Be sure to put them in hallways and bathrooms.

Track your inventory

The last thing you want to do when guests arrive is make last minute trips to the store for toilet paper or other necessities. Now is the time to count your supplies and be sure you are stocked. Be sure your towels are clean and ready for shower use. You may even want to outfit each shower with a bath mat and toilet plunger.  You want certain things available to help avoid any embarrassing events.

Make inventory available

You can’t have all this inventory be useful if it isn’t available. This means that after you declutter those guest spaces, you make sure they have easy access to things like toilet paper, towels, hand sanitizer, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries. You will also want things like extra pillows and blankets available. Just make sure everything is washed up and your guests know where they can access these items. 

Spruce up your coffee station

Coffee is life, am I right? You will likely have guests coming over that drink coffee a bit differently than you might. This means you might need to splurge on different types of creamers, sweeteners and god forbid…decaf options. Just be sure the coffee bar is clean and accessible. You might even want to place some extra seats in the kitchen for those who want to chat, but not participate in the kitchen activities.

Be mindful of little ones

Some homes need extra attention if you anticipate little ones. This means making sure breakable items are up high, electrical sockets are covered and anything of value is out of sight. Be sure that stairs are not accessible and cabinets are locked tight. You might consider baby proofing an area that is blocked off completely by a gate. Also, if you have a Christmas tree already up and decorated, be mindful of the little ones around it.

If you do anticipate little ones, be sure to stock up on wipes. You will need them.

Go the extra mile

Do you want to really impress your guests? You can make their stay extra cozy by going the extra mile. This tells them that you are prepared and ready for their stay. Some options include:

  • Put a chocolate on their freshly made bed
  • Wrap guests towels in a ribbon
  • Put a chilled water bottle by their bedside
  • Turn on relaxing music in their room
  • Burn their favorite essential oil

Finishing Touches

Lastly, you want to give your home that extra little touch by filling the air with a beautiful scent or buying fresh flowers for your dining room table. Perhaps your people are more into a stocked bar. Whatever the case might be, put a few finishing touches on your home to make guests feel most welcomed during the holidays. 

Bottom Line

The holidays may be a little stressful, but they should really be filled with good laughs and warm memories. You can reduce some stress by having your home prepared for your holiday guests. Be smart and plan ahead. Go the extra mile when you can and make some memories.