How to get organized

Are you ready for 2021 to be the year that you learn how to get organized, for good? It is possible, but you might be overwhelmed at just the thought of it. The new year can bring about great habits and setting trends that you can manage all year long. 

But how will you manage exactly? Instead of becoming overwhelmed and slipping back into your old ways, consider a month by month approach. In this way, you can tackle a project per month to get you closer to your goal. Here is a month by month approach to getting organized this year. 


Perhaps the hardest month of all, January is the kick-off month to becoming more organized. Forget what the next few months have to bring and just focus on January. You are probably winding down from the festivities of Christmas and the New Year. Here is your January list to get checked off:

  • First, get all the holiday decorations and distractions put away. 
  • Sort all your gift cards received through the holidays so they are ready to use.
  • Check your calendar for upcoming events and birthdays. Purchase gifts and cards now for February and March. 
  • Keep tabs on your budget and bank accounts.
  • Get back to your routine. This should include your day-to-day tasks as well as weekly cleaning and kids schedules. 
  • Set the tone for the rest of the year. Whether you plan to finally head to the gym, meal prep or start a new household routine, now is the time to work out all the kinks. 


Once you move onto February, you can continue to follow the same steps you set up for January. That means, keeping a similar routine, checking your calendar for upcoming birthdays and events to ensure you have gifts and cards purchased. So, what should you plan for February exactly? Try the following:

  • Prep for any Valentine’s plan like a nice gift or get dinner reservations done immediately. 
  • Plan for any kid’s activities during the holidays that give them days off this month. 
  • Declutter. February is a great month to begin the cleansing process of your home. Tackle that stack of papers, overflowing closet, or messy office space. 


Spring cleaning should be the first thing that comes to mind when March hits and for good reason. This could be the month where you take your organization skills one step beyond decluttering and hit that spring cleaning mode. Here’s how you can get organized in March. 

  • Continue all your good habits from January and February. 
  • Change out your clothes for the season.
  • Deep clean each room in your home. For example, vacuum under the couch and dust the top of shelves that you usually skip. Give your whole home a good deep cleaning now that the decluttering has occurred. 
  • Prep for Easter. Get out the cute bunny decorations and shop for Easter basket goodies. 


Now that spring has finally arrived, you notably enjoy great weather. With that comes a new slew of ways to keep being organized. Here are some ideas for April.

  • Finish any spring cleaning that you didn’t manage to take care of in March. 
  • Create a new menu for dinners and meal prepping. A new season means you are ready for new flavors. 
  • Consider gathering items for a garage sale. 
  • Prepare for Mother’s Day.


This month, most kids are typically getting ready to be done with school, which means lots of graduations are going to take place, among other things. For May, consider doing the following:

  • Prepare for your own kid’s graduation ceremonies and parties. Also, buy cards and gifts for other family and friends going through graduation. 
  • Get prepared for Memorial Day Weekend BBQs and parties. 
  • Prepare for your kids being home more often. Now is the time to decide how they will spend the summer break. This means your routine will definitely change. 
  • Prepare for Father’s Day.
  • Consider spending more time outdoors by hiking, walking, biking or swimming. 
  • With temps on the rise, now is a good time to check your tire for proper pressure and tire tread. 


The temps are going to start sizzling and that means more time with the kids and lots of new activities to partake in. Here is how you can stay on track with your organization this month:

  • While you spend more time with your kids, also carve out “me” time. This could be used to meditate, do a yoga class or just relax without interruption.
  • Prepare for Fourth of July events. 
  • Bulk up on healthy salads and fruits that are in season.
  • Take this month to really dive into your budget. How has your spending truly been so far this year?
  • Try starting a savings plan now for the end of year holidays like Christmas that tend to creep up on you. 


This month tends to be filled with parties, pool time, and less time for organization. This month, take it easy but don’t forget to do the little things that you have already made a habit of. 

  • Double-check your holiday plans and confirm events. 
  • Take a moment to sort out your backyard and outside spaces including your garage, shed, and garden. 


Back to school is going to be the main event this month. A new school year means potential new schedules, so now is the time to prep and plan for the new school day schedule. Additionally, do the following:

  • Declutter kid’s rooms and clothes before buying new. 
  • Go to school shopping for clothes and supplies. 
  • Create new school year lunch and dinner menus. Have older kids help take charge of packing lunches. 


The kids should be well on their way to a new school year. It is time to get back into your routine. This means holidays are on their way yet again. Here’s how to prepare:

  • Put plans in place for the October holidays and any school breaks. 
  • Prepare your home for cooler temperatures. 
  • Introduce those yummy fall menu items.


Once your home is prepped for Halloween and all the candy has been purchased, you can continue great habits. These include:

  • Organizing your menu and guest list for Thanksgiving. 
  • Change your wardrobe for cooler temps. 
  • Make sure your car is updated maintenance wise. 
  • Yes, it is time to also start thinking about Christmas. Now is the time to start making lists and checking ads for deals. Black Friday doesn’t always give the best prices. 
  • Also, book any Christmas activities before they are sold out. 


Preparing your home for Thanksgiving can start right on November 1st. Typically you only have three weeks until the big turkey feast. 

  • Check your fireplace that it works properly and is cleaned.
  • Consider what guests you will host this month and their needs. 
  • Continue to plan for Christmas, get your shopping done, and plans finalized for the big day.
  • Buy a planner and start thinking about 2022!


You finally made it! It is the last month. You should have created great habits all year long with a budget, food prep, and having a solid routine. Now it is time to celebrate. 

  • Don’t forget any plans for New Year’s Eve or Day. 
  • Get all the finishing touches done for decorating. 
  • Finish any end of year tasks.
  • Get ready for a brand new year.