How being productive leads to more income

How being productive leads to more income

Everyone knows that money can’t buy happiness, but maybe it can buy a little bit of it. Studies have shown that your happiness increases the more money you make, up until about $75,000 per year. Beyond that figure, your happiness will not likely be boosted by money alone. One key to financial success is becoming more productive at work to earn more income. You might be already thinking this is too difficult or there is no room for growth, but you really need to start looking around, look a little closer.

So, how do you do it? How can you become more productive to earn a higher income? Let’s face it, your employer can only pay your paycheck if the company is productive and making a profit. You need to take a few things into consideration in order to become more productive and increase your wage.

Here are a few examples of how you can become more productive to bump up your income:

Act like a business owner
When you start thinking like a business owner, you start seeing the bigger picture. Take ownership into account when you are performing your duties. You might start noticing where you (and even co-workers) can maximize time, production and edge closer to your company’s goals.

Perhaps overtime is an issue at your place of employment. Dig into the reasons why you might be staying later than you should and figure out ways to minimize this event. Be sure your boss or upper management is aware of these problems and the solutions you are using to combat them. (In other words, take credit where credit is due).

Mimic successful people
Are there successful people in the workplace that seem to have found their footing? Copy what they are doing! Ask them what they are doing and make the effort to produce in the same manner.

You can mimic other successful people too. Get your inspiration from a leader in your industry, a well-known entrepreneur or public figure. Every successful person has a story and their climb to the top. Learn from their successes and mistakes too.

All successful people have great habits that have launched them forward. These habits include things like: making their bed first thing in the morning (your first duty of the day checked off your list), speaking up at team meetings with valuable input, dressing for the job they want, showing up on time (to everything), results focused and they pitch in on any level (above or below them).

Make yourself indispensable
Find your niche in the company. Try taking on more responsibilities or learning new areas of your job. When you acquire new skills, you instantly become more valuable. If you are the only one who knows how to troubleshoot a finicky piece of equipment, the only one who knows how to snag deals with vendors, etc. you can become indispensable. You can use that type of quality to leverage a larger paycheck.

Other things you can do to make yourself indispensable at work include being honest, always going the extra mile, always being a team player, being adaptable to change and staying positive. When you fine tune all the details about your position and combine it with these characteristics, you are going to be hard fought to replace.

One of the easiest things you can do is to simply ask your boss what you can do to become a higher wage earner. It might be that your boss doesn’t know you are interested in or ready for additional responsibilities or extended capacities. When you are willing to contribute more to your job, you can expect that your wage could increase.

Ask for the opportunity to bring more to the table so your employer can offer more compensation. You might be asking for additional training, being interviewed for the next position higher or ways to increase your sales goals.

Final Thoughts

Your increased productivity in the workplace ultimately means you are impacting the overall success of the company in a positive manner. Business owners are more than willing to pay out more to an employee who is saving them money and/or adding to the profit margins.


Most of the time, becoming more productive in the workplace means having a different mindset. You need to visualize the areas where the company lacks and find solutions to help grow the company. Problem solvers are great at earning a higher income.