Gift Guide for Dad

The Ultimate Monthly Subscription Gift Guide for Dad (That Won’t Break the Bank)

Father’s Day is right around the corner and if you are like the rest of the us, you probably have no clue what to get dad this year. He probably owns enough ties for two lifetimes, and a gift card just doesn’t cut it. Show dad how much he means to you this year by getting him a gift he will truly enjoy.

How about this year choosing the gift that keeps on giving? There are plenty of monthly subscription options that will make dad happy, month after month. Many have the option to just try it for a month or a few to see if he even likes it.

This is the ultimate monthly subscription gift guide for dad.

Dollar Shave Club: for as little as $5/month, you can give dad a good clean shave. Dollar Shave Club will bring to him each month a new set of razor blades for the closest, smoothest shave he’s ever had. They also offer Shave Butter, Daily Face Cleanser and a Post Shave Dew.

Birchbox Man: Many women are in love with Birchbox and now there’s a box just for dad! Birchbox Man will give dad a personalized sample box of grooming products each month that he can test and fall in love with.

Loot Crate: Is dad on the nerdy side? Loot Crate delivers the best box for the nerdy dad. There’s a chance to get collectibles, apparel and gear from his favorite pop culture, gaming, film or sci-fi fantasy world.

Keto Krate: Is dad on a diet? Lots of dads have really enjoyed the keto diet and Keto Krate has something just for them. He can enjoy a box full of samples from different brands and companies that all offer tasty foods compatible with a keto diet.

Society Socks: Does your dad like socks? Society socks has the box for him. For just $16/month, dad can enjoy two new pairs of socks delivered right to his door. They are stylish, durable and each month the company will donate another pair of socks on his behalf! Fun and charitable!

Basic Man: There are definitely tons of fancy monthly subscriptions boxes out there, but is dad a little more basic? The Basic Man box has the essentials for dad. We’re talking t-shirts, boxers and socks that are basic, but high in quality. For just $19.99/month, it is a hard bargain to pass up.

Battle Box: For the ultimate outdoor gear type dad, the Battle Box delivers on hand selected items for emergency gear, tactical equipment and survival guides. This box is fun and entertaining for dad!

Freestone Fly Fishing Company: Is dad a fisherman? The Freestone Fly Fishing Company has a monthly subscription box that will bring him all the fishing goodies he can handle. Newbies and pros alike will thoroughly enjoy their box of flies, guides, stickers and plenty of bonus items.

Jerky Snob: As the name indicates, this monthly box will have jerky for the biggest snob you know. If dad loves his jerky, he’ll love the Jerky Snob box. He will enjoy carefully selected and crafted premium jerky delivered right to his doorstep for just $15/month!

Fuego Box: Is dad a little saucy? If your dad is all about the BBQ and saucing up meat before grilling, then the Fuego Box will be his best friend. Each month he will get 1-3 sauces that might set his taste buds on fire!

America’s Crate: For the patriotic dad, the America’s Crate is 100% made in the U.S.A. There’s a little bit of everything that goes into these crates. We’re talking grilling equipment, outdoor supplies, tools, etc.

OddBlox: For just about $15/month dad can enjoy a new funky t-shirt each month. The material is high quality and the design is unique. You can’t find this at your local Wal-Mart.

First Sip Brew Box: For the dad that loves beer gear, First Sip Brew will be his box. Filled with branded glasses, stickers and other gear, you dad will delight with this cool treat each month.

Grill Masters Club: To help dad up his grilling game, get him a subscription to the Grill Masters Club. He’ll receive BBQ Sauce, BBQ Rub, wood chips, tons of recipe and a surprise each month he gets a box! If he loves to grill, he’ll love this box.

Bottom Line
Dad deserves the world this Father’s Day, but he’ll probably settle for a cool new monthly subscription box. There’s a box for every type of dad and yours will be impressed when he receives his new package.