Fun Ways to Pass the Time During Social Distancing

Fun Ways to Pass the Time During Social Distancing is a new thing! Social distancing, self-quarantine and Covid-19 are now well-recognized words in our language given the recent events. As families become confined to their homes for fear of spreading the virus, it means only one thing – what activities can we do to pass the time? Here are some great educational and fun activities for members of your family to enjoy during the social distancing recommendation. 

Activities for Toddlers

There’s really no need to go rushing to any store to buy a new puzzle, game or activity set for your toddler. Chances are you have enough stuff laying around the house to create endless entertainment for your child. Here are some activities designed with that in mind.

Laundry Hamper Fishing
Sort and Drop Activity
Pasta Play
Fine Motor Color Sorting Activity
Toddler Fine Motor Water Activity
Erase the ABCs
Homemade Bath Paints
Golf Tee Push
Matching Objects
Painting on Foil
Card Slot Drop Shape Hunt Sensory Bin
Whisking Bubbles

Best Apps for Toddlers

Additionally, there are many apps offering free trials or a free membership for the time being. Here is a list of apps to try out with your toddler:
ABC Mouse
Circle Time Fun
Anywhere Teacher
TeenyTown Playland


Activities for Elementary Aged Kids

For the kids that are ready to tackle bigger projects, these activities for your elementary-aged kids are perfect. There’s a huge variety to choose from with the ability for a little more independence.

Paint objects from nature
Shaving cream masterpiece
Make rainbow foam
Take the marker challenge
Create your own movie

Puppet show
Make ice cream in a bag
Cloud dough

Toothpick towers
Homemade slime
Lemon volcanoes
Create a scavenger hunt
Backyard obstacle course


Best Apps for Elementary Aged Kids

These apps are great tools for education and entertainment. Your elementary aged kids will appreciate these downloads. 

ABC Mouse
Circle Time Fun
Anywhere Teacher
TeenyTown Playland
Motion Math
Comic Life
Sock Puppets


Activities for Middle Schoolers

For the middle schooler in your family, consider finding activities that require both education and independence. Most of these activities allow for simple instruction while the child can complete the rest of the task on their own. Try these out:

Cooking or baking a new meal
Plant a flower, herb or full on garden
Learn a new dance (i.e. line dancing) 
DIY holiday project (i.e. making Easter decorations)
Practice an instrument
DIY flip book
DIY fairy jar
DIY paper necklaces
Spring projects

Best Apps for Middle Schoolers

Lots of apps have the ability to entertain and educate all in one. Try some of these apps to get your middle schooler off of video games and Youtube videos.

NOVA Elements 

Stop Motion Studio
iTooch Middle School


Activities for High Schoolers

The most independent of your crew, the high schoolers bring a whole new element of patience and dedication when it comes to entertainment and education.

Andy Warhol art project
Aluminum foil stained glass art
Flower dissection

Lava lamp
Litmus experiment
Periodic table of elements – cookies
Make plastic
Salt dough map
Graphing Facebook birthdays

Best Apps for High Schoolers

Some high schoolers are ready to prepare for SATs and life beyond high school. Now is a perfect time for your high schooler to step up and prepare for their most independent moment in life – moving out and/or going on to college.

SAT Prep (Ready4SAT)
Khan Academy


Activities for Mom and Dad

Not to be left out, mom and dad need to find ways to pass the time as well. While you are likely to be facilitating all of the activities for the kids, there’s always time to still do a few activities for yourself.

Board games
Card games
Make dinner as a family
At-home workout
Go for a walkStart your spring cleaning
Catch up on podcasts
Take a free online class


Apps to download during the self quarantine


Crossword Puzzle Apps
Word cookies
Disney Plus
Find hidden objects

Final Thoughts

While there is no certain way to know when this social distancing and self quarantine era will end, you can stock up on activities and apps for the whole family. There are plenty of things the whole family and enjoy doing to hopefully prevent severe cabin fever.