Frugal Christmas Traditions

Some of the best memories made during Christmas time end up being because of family traditions. Some families really go all out with traditions, but it is a little secret that you can actually create some spectacular Christmas traditions on a budget. If your wallet is a little light this Christmas, but you still want all the cheer, there is hope! Forget Elf on the Shelf or some fancy cookie baking scheme, instead bring your family together for some low-cost fun. Here are some top-rated frugal Christmas traditions to start this year. 

  1. Christmas Movie Night: Envision your family wrapped in Christmas pajamas, snuggled together in front of the big screen with your favorite Christma inspired movie cranked up. 
  2. Hot Chocolate Party: Hot chocolate is the unofficial beverage of Christmas, so why not make a party out of it? You can get creative by making a contest out of who can make the best batch. Also trending this is Hot Chocolate Bombs. These could be a huge hit! 
  3. Popcorn Party: Another festive way to create a tradition is with popcorn. This delicious treat can be the start of the show by creating popcorn garland, a fancy popcorn mix, or a fun family craft
  4. Christma Light Show: Take a ride around your neighborhood to soak in all the lights and Christmas displays. 
  5. Get Prepped for Santa: A fun family tradition is to bake cookies for Santa, leave out some carrots for Rudolph and the gang and make sure everything is set just right for his arrival. 
  6. Make a Family Gingerbread House: Come together as a family and design a fun family gingerbread house. Even better, have each family member make their own for a fun and friendly competition.
  7. Create a Christmas Video: Interview each family member with their wants and desires for Christmas presents and overall holiday thoughts. 
  8. Do Something For Others: Perhaps you can all volunteer at a shelter, walk homeless dogs, or bake cookies for your neighbors. Volunteering your time with your family is a great tradition. 
  9. Ornament Present: Each year you can always give each other ornaments. This way, the younger kids could have a great start to when they go off on their own. 
  10. Create Handmade Gifts: Perhaps there are people on your list who would enjoy a more thoughtful, handmade item. Think about cousins, grandparents, etc. 
  11. Family Story Time: Before the kids get ready for bed, sit around the fireplace and listen to a great, Christmas bedtime story, or two.
  12. Play Games: a game night before Santa arrives can be fun and interactive for all to enjoy. Opt for Christmas inspired games like Christmas trivia or Christmas Bingo!
  13. Scavenger Hunt: Put the kids to work and make up a Christmas scavenger hunt. 
  14. Christmas Cooking Challenge: This year, try involving your family in a cooking challenge where you make new recipes and declare a winner.
  15. Special Christmas Pajamas: On Christmas Eve, have your family open up matching Christmas pajamas to wear in anticipation of Santa’s arrival. 
  16. Track Santa: Kids of all ages can track Santa as he makes his rounds across the globe.
  17. Paper Snowflake Decoration: Have everyone create their own special snowflake design(s) and hang them all around the house. 
  18. Ditch the Technology for Fun: Spend one night without cell phones and tablets. Have the family enjoy any last-minute decorating, cookie baking, popcorn eating, and movie watching to really feel the festivities and bond of your family. Stay up late so the fun can last. 
  19. Christmas Breakfast: Even if it is simple, come together and make a delicious Christmas breakfast for all to enjoy. It could be a simple casserole or a batch of cinnamon rolls.
  20. Annual Christmas Pictures: Nothing holds onto memories longer than pictures. Take Christmas pictures each year in the same location so you can see how your family grows and changes over time. 
  21. Sing it Loud and Proud: If your family loves to sing, get them up and go around the neighborhood singing Christmas carols. 
  22. Celebrate with Stockings: Kids love their stockings full of goodies. Perhaps open them early Christmas Eve for goodies they can enjoy early. 
  23. Write Letters to Santa: Have your kids write letters to Santa so they can ask if they’ve been naughty or nice. 
  24. Find New Christmas Books: Each year you can search for new and trending Christmas books to enjoy as a family. 

Final Thoughts

These top-rate frugal Christmas traditions will be fun and memorable for years to come.  You can celebrate the holidays in many different ways while still taking it easy on your wallet. Which tradition will you try this year?