Fall Activities that won’t cost a fortune

Falling in love with fall is easy, but finding a low-cost activity for the whole family can be frustrating. As the seasons begin to change, football games are being played and the smell of pumpkin spice abounds, it only makes you want to get out and enjoy the season. The problem is that many activities end up being pricey or some activities may be canceled altogether due to Covid-19. Have no fear. There are still plenty of ways to enjoy fall and not need to waste a bunch of money. Here are fall activities that won’t cost a fortune. 

Host a Football Potluck Party

Nothing brings family, friends, and neighbors together quite like football. If you want to add a fun and cheap activity to the roster this season, you can host a football potluck party.

You can transform your backyard into the perfect combination of food and cheer. Many people choose to get a projector to make the big game come to life bigger than ever before. You can create comfortable seating arrangements and have enough room for food and drinks. 

One part of a football potluck party that can get pricey is supplying the alcohol. To keep your finances in check, have the crowd bring their own or go in on sharing a keg. Either way, you can enjoy his fall activity on a budget without a problem.

Visit a State Park

Many Arizona State Parks are still open around the state. You can travel to several parks for a nice autumn hike, taking in all the sights and sounds of the fall season. You may even be able to partake in activities like canoeing, rock climbing, and leaf-peeping.

The trip will literally cost you the price of a tank of gas, a packed lunch, and maybe a small state park entrance fee. However, your whole family can enjoy the experience, indulge in nature, and get some great exercise. This is a win in all directions.

Host a Chili Cook-Off

Nothing screams fall food quite like chili and hosting a chili cook-off is a great way to bring this dish to life. You can invite all your friends, family, and neighbors to join your contest. In addition to the contestants whipping up their best creations, you will want to ensure there are bowls, toppings, and beverages. This can all be done on a budget.

The fun also doesn’t need to stop there. Consider asking guests to bring yard games, board games, or card games to keep the fun going. When all is said and done, you will have tasted delicious chili, had an entertaining day, and soaked in the full season of fall.

Host a Pumpkin Carving Contest

Another contest you can host is a pumpkin carving contest. This event will be fun for all ages. The best part is that it is incredibly budget-friendly as you can ask contestants to bring their own pumpkins and carving supplies. Spice up the party by playing fall-inspired music, offer holiday treats, and enjoy the sight of art and creativity.

You can invite everyone to have the opportunity to vote on the best pumpkin. You can also step it up a notch and ask for votes via social media. Just make sure you bring a prize worthy of the hard work that goes into pumpkin carving.

Picnic in The Park

Another budget-friendly and fun fall activity are to have a picnic at the park. The weather is generally superb in November when you live in Arizona, so it makes picnics even more special. The best part is that this doesn’t have to be a one-time event. You can explore the parks around town to find which spot is your jam. Your family will enjoy getting out in the open and you will like saving money.

Make Caramel Apples and Other Fun Treats

Another activity that can be both festive and budget-friendly is making fall treats like caramel apples, roasting s’mores or simply baking cookies. In particular, this recipe just has 3 simple ingredients. It makes for a fun, yet easy experience for the whole family.  

Final Thoughts

This fall you can enjoy some great activities without busting your budget. It usually just requires a little imagination and creativity. Some activities just require your immediate family while others can get the whole neighborhood to join in. In any case, there is fun to be had that won’t cost you a fortune.