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You earn your living on the road so don’t let paperwork keep you from it. Our Glendale location at 5036 West Cactus Road, Glendale, Az can help you get on the road or stay on the road. We service any size operation from owner-operators to large fleets. Our services are efficient and affordable. Here is a list of our services:

  • IRP/IFTA Trucking Account Creation
  • IFTA Bonds
  • Motor Carrier Registration
  • Replacement Plates
  • Trailer Registration
  • Fee Calculation
  • Fleet and IRP Registration Renewals
  • Titles
  • Replacing Plates
  • Replacing Tabs
  • Duplicate Cab Cards
  • Weight Increases
  • IFTA decal replacement
  • IFTA license renewal
  • Cab card corrections
  • Form 2290
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Trucking IRP/IFTA Registration

Trucking and Semi-Truck registration is done through Commerical Vehicle registration. This is for all vehicles that are for commercial purposes, such as delivery, trucking, cargo transportation, and much more. These vehicles must be used for 1000 hours or more in a vehicle registration year to be registered commercially.

A vehicle registered in the name of a commercial company must be registered commercially unless the registering applicant certifies that the vehicle will not be maintained nor used for commercial purposes. The application fee is $4 and gross weight must be declared for your vehicle if it is over 1 ton. Pick-ups, Vans, or passenger cars of ¾ ton or less do not require a gross weight to be declared but do require the $4 application fee.

IRP/IFTA Trucking Tabs and Plates

Trucking plates are often acquired very similarly to your standard or personalized plates. The exception here is to instantiate that the trucking vehicle is under the pretense of the IRP and or IFTA meaning it is registered within all members of the programs associated with it. This helps when you have to park a vehicle for a prolonged period within a state that its plates are not currently registered within, or when traveling across multiple states within a given registered year.

These plates and tags can be acquired through any MVD or third-party location, much like us here at 1Stop. If you would like to apply and get your IRP or IFTA trucking plates and tags, seek our online resources on how to acquire those plates and what documents you will need. If you are unsure, or couldn’t find the information needed, give us a call or visit your local 1Stop store!

Trucking IRP/IFTA Title Services

All trucking vehicles that require the title or title transfer operate much like most of our services with the difference being the IRP and the IFTA difference.

The IRP is the International Registration Plan, which allows a continuation of states, the District of Columbia, and certain provinces of Canada to follow this same registration plan. This means that within a majority of states your registration is legal within all states, so you wouldn’t have to worry about going from one state to another to get a new registration until it has become invalid. This brings ease to Truckers, as many trucking services go across the country to a multitude of different states and locations.

IFTA is the fuel agreement between these same states and districts, that allow a different taxing for fuel across the board.

All of this is to ease the process of trucking and transportation across the country. If you have any further questions, contact us here at 1Stop to seek assistance or understand what all this has to do with you and your vehicle.

Motor Vehicle Service FAQ’s

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