Easy Superbowl Party Food


If that is what you want your Super Bowl guests to be shouting each time they take a bite of your food at your Super Bowl party this year, then you must check this out. Super Bowl Sunday is practically a national holiday as millions of Americans cheer on the top two football teams in the National Football League (NFL) as they battle for the title.

Whether you gather for the sport, for the halftime show or just the commercials Super Bowl Sunday is definitely a day for food. This day comes only second to Thanksgiving in terms of food consumption. So, your spread better be packed full of deliciousness to keep your party goers happy.

However, it is understandable that you do not want to slave away in a kitchen all day. You want to catch some plays, laugh at the commercials, mingle with guests and witness the always anticipated halftime show.

In order to stay out of the kitchen, check out these easy to make Super Bowl party foods.

It seems almost mandatory that you supply some type of chips and dips at your Super Bowl party. Dips are generally very easy to make and can even be made a day ahead of the party to save some time. These are some super fun and tasty dips for your super fun party.

  • Pico De Gallo: Skip the premade salsa and make a fresh batch of pico. Party goers love pico!
  • Corn Dip: It might sound funny, but this dip made with corn is absolutely delicious.
  • Jalapeno Popper Dip: A classic take on a classic appetizer, this dip will have a little kick and a lot of flavor.
  • Soft Beer Pretzels with Beer Cheese Dip: Lots of beer will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday and you can incorporate that flavor right into your dip!
  • Chili Queso Dip: This easy crockpot dip will be a very popular choice at your party.

Hot Dogs
It might not be the baseball field, but a football game is also a place to roast some weiners. Hot dogs are super easy to dress up and keep warm all game long. Here are some easy and fun ways to present your hot dogs.

  • Chili Cheese Dog: What is more American than a hot dog smothered in chili? Not much really. This recipe will take you just 15 minutes to make and can easily be kept warm for the entire game.
  • Crescent Dogs: Talk about easy and yummy! Crescent dogs tend to show up at a lot of events and for good reason. They are super quick and simple to make, and if you anticipate kids at your party, this one is sure to be a hit.
  • Hot Dog Cheesy Macaroni Casserole: For a unique twist on two American classics, combining hot dogs and macaroni for a casserole that both kids and adults will enjoy is a great idea for your Super Bowl party.

You cannot have a Super Bowl Party without wings. It would be a travesty to football if wings were not on the menu. You can cut a corner here and order premade wings from your favorite spot, dripping with delicious sauces. However, if you are determined to make everything homemade, here are some great options.

  • Crockpot Wings: A super simple and easy way to make tasty wings is by using your crockpot. Besides the wings, you just need a can of Coke and your favorite BBQ sauce for this recipe.
  • Spicy Buffalo Wings: If you are ready to bring the heat, this recipe will make your taste buds dance a little.
  • Honey Garlic Wings: For a sweet and tangy recipe, these honey garlic wings will do the trick on Super Bowl Sunday.

For the non meat eaters, supplying a few vegetarian options will be approved by all. Check these ones out:

Finishing off your spread, a few special desserts will be a score with your guests! These treats are delightful and creative

  • Football Rice Krispies: These Rice Krispies are chocolatey and can be designed into the cutest football shapes.
  • Football Strawberries: Another very easy dessert that can also be created into a football design.
  • Football Whoopie Pies: Make your own Whoopie Pie that is just perfect for the big game.
  • Frosted Football Brownies: Score a huge touchdown with this amazing dessert. Who doesn’t love a brownie? Even better, who doesn’t love a football inspired brownie?

Bottom Line
Your Super Bowl Party can score big with the right food. Party food can be quick and simple without sacrificing flavor. Get your game face on and use your best plays in the kitchen for the Super Bowl party everyone will be drooling over.