Easter on a Budget

For many families, Easter is a very special holiday that is filled with tradition. Oftentimes, these traditions can really put a damper on your budget. If celebrating Easter and keeping an eye on your wallet are important to you this year, then this one’s for you. Here is how to celebrate Easter on a budget. 

  1. Set an Easter Budget
    No matter what you plan for Easter this year, nothing is going to help you stay on track financially better than setting a budget (and of course, sticking to it). You can choose to separate out what you plan to spend on Easter baskets per child and the cost of food. You may want to try using just cash if you have a hard time stopping yourself from swiping your card.

    Additionally, consider where you are shopping and what things you can snag at the dollar store. This will help you stick very closely to that budget you are about to set. More on that later. 
  1. Choose Easter Brunch
    One area that can save a family a lot of dough is by opting to have Easter brunch instead of Easter dinner. This also means staying in instead of dining out. Breakfast foods tend to be less expensive and you can get more bang for your buck. Just for a moment consider the price difference between a loaf of bread and a dozen eggs for french toast versus a roast beef.
  2. Shop the Sales
    Taking advantage of Easter sales is another great way to stay on budget for this holiday. A great way to quickly and easily compare prices from store to store is to download the app Flipp. The largest grocery retailers have their ads scanned into this app and you search with ease when you are pricing out things like a dozen eggs, a ham or soda. Also, keep track of sales on Easter candy. Sometimes Easter candy goes on sale a few weeks before the holiday.
  3. Take Advantage of Coupons and Rebates
    It doesn’t hurt to search around for coupons for your Easter celebration. There’s almost always a coupon for Easter candy. Now, if you combine that with a rebate program like Rakuten or ibotta,  you will score even more savings. If you are new to the world of rebate apps, it’s not too late to begin earning free cashback. Most rebate programs even offer sign-on bonuses.
  4. Thrifty Shopping
    Besides taking advantage of sales, consider shopping at your local thrift store and dollar store. Most of these types of stores will have Easter items for far less than a typical big box retailer. You may even be able to score a few items at a garage sale.
  5. Reuse
    If you have anything saved from last year, just get it out and use it again. Easter eggs, Easter grass, Easter baskets and decorations can be used year after year. Also consider reusing Easter outfits or shopping at thrift stores for a more cost-friendly option.
  6. Consider an Experience Instead
    Perhaps you want to spice things up this year and opt for an experience over the traditional Easter celebration. As long as it aligns with your budget, an experience could be a great way to enjoy the day. You could forgo a big meal and all the Easter hoopla for a trip to the aquarium, the beach or something local that you have been meaning to do for awhile now.
  7. Get a Jumpstart on Next Year
    If you have room left in your budget or you can swing a few extra dollars, you can get a jumpstart on next year’s holiday. You can do this by shopping the day after Easter for all the slashed prices. Most stores put all their Easter decorations on sale immediately following the holiday. As long as it is not perishable, you might as well stock up for the next year and save big yet again. Just be sure to store it appropriately and label it so you do not forget you have everything set go next year. 

Final Thoughts

Being mindful of how you celebrate Easter this year does not have to take away from the fun, family or religious aspect of the holiday. You can stay on budget and still have an amazing time. You may even skip all the traditional aspects and opt for an experience for the whole family. All you need to do is pick a budget and stick with it.