Easter Ideas

Whether you are ahead of the game or procrastinating with your plans for this year, these last-minute Easter ideas are quick, easy and cheap. There is no need to scramble or worry about busting your budget. You may work better under a bit of pressure, but this list will help you get it all done for this year’s Easter celebration. 

Easter Decoration Ideas

Sprucing up your home with Easter decor is fun and can really get the whole family in the mood for a nice celebration. However, as with any holiday, decorations can add up quickly. Here are some budget friendly options to test out this year:

  • Easter Egg Garland – Grab some plastic Easter eggs and thread a string, yarn or ribbon through each one. Then, tie pastel ribbons onto the string between each egg for an added bonus. Even an Easter-themed cheap table cloth can be cut up to make ribbon as well.
  • Easter Bunting with Pom Pom Bunnies – Bunny bums are super cute and can also make some adorable decor this Easter season. You can download a free printable and use a bit of twine and pink yarn to complete the look.
  • Carrot Napkin Utensils – Add some pizzazz to your Easter utensils this year with a carrot napkin design. This is both cute and sanitary.
  • Shabby Chic Easter Eggs – Go from dollar store cheap plastic egg to shabby chic Easter designs with this tutorial.
  • Pastel Paper Garland – Cute and easy describes this pastel paper garland project. Check it out. 
  • Easter Egg Wreath – There are so many different ideas for cute egg wreaths on Pinterest!

Religious Ideas

The Easter holiday has everything to do with Jesus. He is the reason for this celebration. If you would like to incorporate Christ into your Easter experience, here are some ideas to do just that:

  • Jesus Is Resurrected Activity – An activity to get the whole family involved, this one is a great learning tool. 
  • Easter Finger Puzzle – It is a cute and easy puzzle that includes bible verses and talking points to discuss with the kids. 
  • Resurrection Scavenger Hunt – This activity combines a scavenger hunt with a Christ-centered theme. 
  • He is Risen CraftCrafts with the kids on Easter can be both fun and educational. 

Easter Gift Ideas

People are most apt to spend loads of cash on candy for Easter, but sometimes presents come into play as well. Here are some more budget friendly ideas to try out this year:

  • Easter Baskets – It is pretty typical to put together an Easter basket. Many parents opt for a gift or two (or more) when putting the basket together. You can make it super simple by just choosing candy, and a favorite activity like a book, puzzle or ball. Kids usually do not notice fancy things. 
  • Coloring Activities – You can’t go wrong with a coloring or painting activity. Keep an eye out for Easter themed activities, especially at the dollar store.  
  • Easter Bunny Slime – Kids love slime and this idea is super fun for the kids this Easter.

Easter Treat Ideas

Last, but certainly not least, there are some fun Easter treats you can make and indulge in for the holiday. These are easy and super kid-friendly. Here are just a few to try out:

  • Bunny Rice Krispie Treats – Rice Krispie treats are an easy go-to treat and making them into bunnies is a ton of fun.
  • Easter Fruit Pizza – It is cute and healthy, this Easter fruit pizza will have kids and adults pigging out.
  • Coconut Macaroon Nests – These birds nest inspired macaroons are perfect for Easter. 
  • Easter Oreo Bark – Easter bark candy is super delicious and extremely festive.  
  • Easter Cupcakes – When all else fails, go for cupcakes. There are a ton of Easter inspired cupcakes to choose from.

Final Thoughts

When Easter is upon us, so is the crafting, baking, decorating and eating. This year, it can be done on a budget. It can even be done last minute if you end up procrastinating. Hopefully these ideas inspire you to make Easter extra special with your family and extra light on your wallet. What is your favorite part about gearing up for Easter?