DIY gifts to make from the dollar store

Whether you enjoy recycling, creating or saving money; constructing a DIY gift made from the dollar store can be fun and unique. These Christmas presents are budget friendly, but do require a bit of effort on your part. If you have a long list of gifts to give or friends, family, coworkers, church goers, etc., then this might be right up your alley.

  1. Frames
    Most dollar stores have at least one aisle filled with frames. This portion of the store has definitely expanded over the years, so there should be plenty to choose from. Picture frames do not need to be used just for pictures, consider using one to display a poem, a footprint or pawprint.

    Generation pictures are also very trendy this season. This means taking a picture of the youngest person of the generation and then having the next person take a picture holding the first picture and so on. Parents and grandparents love this concept, and will treasure it for years to come.

    Now, don’t forget the actual frame itself. You can stroll the aisles of the dollar store to find things to decorate the frame with. You can find fabric for bows, shells, flowers, beads, etc. There’s thousands of ways to design and decorate a picture frame so that whichever way you choose will be as unique as you are.

  2. Vases
    Vases are very versatile. You can decorate glasses to look like vases or take an already made vase and design it to your taste. Vases can hold candles, flowers, plants or even balloons. Vases can be painted and they can be used for many things. The variations are endless.

    This holiday season, consider what the person receiving your gift is interested in. Perhaps you can decorate a vase for Christmas or for something to match the style of their home. You can easily create a one of a kind vase that a family member or friend will not be able to find elsewhere.  Presents that come from the heart are always appreciated.

  3. Candles
    A very popular Christmas present each and every year is a candle. However, they often become boring and drab. Not this year, and not with the help from the dollar store.

    A fun idea is to take a candle holder, fill it with water and place a small tea candle on top so it floats. Tall cylinder vases are perfect for this and you even add a flower in the water to make an even more elegant creation.

  4. Cocoa mix in a jar
    Food is always a hit as a present. You can create a DIY masterpiece at the dollar store with a cocoa mix in a jar present. All you need to do is find a jar and then proceed to buy cocoa mix, marshmallows and peppermints (or any combination of items you find fitting). Each of these should be placed into the jar as their own layer.

    You can then craft a card or letter that explains that all they need to do is add water and stir to enjoy a crafty Christmas beverage. For the final touch, add a beautiful piece of festive ribbon and you have a neat little gift.

  5. Mug gift
    A mug gift set is nothing new, but if you do it yourself from the dollar store, you can really create a personalized piece. Perhaps you have a coffee lover or tea drinker on your list. Maybe someone has a special dietary restriction. Whatever the case may be, you have the ability to choose a mug and add to it what you think the recipient would really enjoy.
  6. Gift box of goodies
    A gift box is always a fun idea, however the store bought ones can be very boring and repetitive. By going for a DIY dollar store gift box, you can focus in on the exact preferences of the recipient. Perhaps they enjoy a cute pair of socks and popcorn or maybe you want to put together a basket for baking brownies with a spatula and pot holder in their favorite color.

    This is also the perfect idea for any kids on your list. You can put together a great gift basket of crayons, coloring books, toys and even a sweet treat.

Bottom Line

No matter who is on your list for Christmas this year, there is sure to be something you can put together at the dollar store. Even the most boring gifts can be spruced up and made to fit an individual that they could not get anywhere else. The best part is that all of this can be budget friendly, leaving you happy and your bank account a little fuller.