18 Must Try DIY Christmas Crafts

18 Must Try DIY Christmas Crafts

Christmas crafting season is upon us and instead of spending a boat load of cash on fancy decorations, you can find yourself immersed with hundreds of DIY Christmas crafts. This list has a bit of everything, especially the crafts that are hot for 2019. Are you ready?

Here are 18 must try Christmas Crafts:

Gingerbread House Advent Calendar
Homemade advent calendars can become a very versatile and creative project to take on. This calendar in particular lends homage to gingerbread houses. The best part is that you can stuff them full of whatever you think your family will enjoy most.

Jumbo Christmas Lights
These Christmas lights will definitely draw a ton of attention without drawing a lot of electricity. You likely have some of the material needed for this project lying around. The brighter you color them, the better they look.

Versatile Tree Advent Calendar
A triangle shaped piece of wood can be transformed into this larger than life tree advent calendar. Again, homemade advent calendars are super fun because you can create them to your taste and stuff them full of the best goodies. Your kids will want to use this calendar every single year.

Paper Poinsettia Flowers
Poinsettias are the flowers of the season. They are stunningly red and nearly irresistible to have around your home for the holidays. The problem is that they are terribly toxic to pets. Therefore, these paper poinsettia flowers are perfect for the pet friendly home.

Temporary Tattoo Ornaments
A super unique idea is to use temporary tattoos for your next DIY Christmas ornament craft. These ornaments are just stunning. Quite frankly, they look hand painted!

Copper Christmas Trees
These trees are both fun and simple. You literally need 3 things to get your trees started. These ones might stay up well beyond Christmas.

Chalk Paint Ornaments
Is there anything you can’t do with chalk paint? These ornaments are super easy and of course, you can design them in whatever fashion feels right to you. You can just go old school with black paint or upgrade to a shabby chic design.

LED Tealight Snowmen
Ok, these are probably the cutest DIY Christmas crafts on this entire list. You simply transform a standard LED tealight into snowmen and hang them where you will enjoy them the most.

Milk Carton Gingerbread Village
A super fun Christmas craft for the whole family to join in on is the milk carton gingerbread village. Just simply transform your old milk cartons into a cute gingerbread village. It is a great way to do a little recycling and decorating all at the same time.

Mason Jar Lid Star Ornament
There is literally a million crafts you can do with mason jars and mason jar lids. So, here’s a super cute one you can create. It is an easy peasy star ornament that will look great on any Christmas tree. Make them for yourself or create extra and give out as presents this Christmas.

Wrapping Paper Wreath
Here is a wreath you can keep for years to come. You simply use wrapping paper in this design. It is super cool looking and fun to make.

Rustic Driftwood Tree
Another piece of wood, another DIY Christmas tree craft. This rustic driftwood tree is simply gorgeous. It can easily be constructed to match your home.

Black and Gold Canning Jar Silhouette Candles
A great dollar store find, these black and gold canning jar silhouette candles are stunning! You will probably want to make a whole bunch.

Green and Glossy Porch Rail Garland
This is another dollar store win! This garland is perfect for your porch rail or quite frankly, anywhere in your home.

Chalkboard Christmas Countdown Plate
Now this is a great way to countdown to Christmas. These plates are easily found at any dollar store. Combine a plate with chalkboard paint and you have one of the easiest DIY Christmas crafts to complete. Don’t forget to put a bow on top.

Joy to the World Christmas Sign

A super cute and crafty sign, the Joy to the World Christmas sign is a must have this season. It is definitely bold and modern.

Distressed Mason Jar
Dressing up a mason jar should be a craft on your Christmas crafting list this year. Just add some Christmas flavor with snowflakes and twine, then you have a great looking display.

Dollar Tree Christmas Frame Craft
Dollar store picture frames can be very versatile when it comes to crafting. These Dollar Tree Christmas Frame crafts are no different. They will be an easy project that all your family can take part in.