Check Cashing

Quick and Easy Check Cashing

Oftentimes, a bank or credit union, will not offer check cashing services for people without a bank account. Even if you do have a bank account, deposited funds can take days or even weeks to clear depending on the amount of the check and source.

1 Stop Title Loans can instantly cash your check! No holds, no waits – Walk in and walk out with cash in hand.

Our Check Cashing Benefits

Visit us today! Our rates are low our team is customer services driven. There are many more benefits to cashing a check at 1 Stop Title Loans and Motor Vehicle Services

Depending on the check type, fees start at 2% plus $2.

1 Stop Title Loans cashes all major check types. For a list, see below.

Don’t have an ID? You may still be able to cash your check at 1 Stop Title Loans.

Unlike the banks, you get cash in hand with no holds or time waiting for your check to clear.

We Cash All Types Of Checks

  • Pay Checks

  • Personal Checks

  • Income Tax Checks

  • VA Checks

  • Money Orders

  • Insurance Checks

  • Social Security Checks
  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Business Checks

  • Payroll Checks

  • Tax Refund Checks

  • And Many More!!!

More Check Cashing Information

Sometimes we can get a little behind or have run into unexpected bills to pay. If your check was a little lighter than you were expecting, look into our short-term loan options. View our Registration Loan or Title Loan page for full details.

1 Stop Title Loan and Motor Vehicle Services have check cashing locations all across the Phoenix Metro Area. For a full list of locations and hours please visit our locations page for more information.

We also offer a variety of financial services. These include Money Orders, Title Loans, and Registration Loans.

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