Turn your check into cash

Oftentimes, a bank or credit union will not offer check cashing services for people without a bank account. Even if you do have a bank account, deposited funds can take days or even weeks to clear depending on the amount of the check and source.

1 Stop Title Loans can instantly cash your check! No holds, no waits – Walk in and walk out with cash in hand.

Check Cashing Services

Low Cashing Fee

Depending on the check type, fees start at 2% plus $2.

Most Check Types Accepted

1 Stop Title Loans cashes all major check types. For a list, see below.

No ID Required

Don’t have an ID? You may still be able to cash your check at 1 Stop Title Loans.

Get Your Cash Now

Unlike the banks, you get cash in hand with no holds or time waiting for your check to clear.

1 Stop Title Loans cashes all types of checks

  • Payroll checks
  • Personal checks
  • Income tax checks
  • VA checks
  • Money orders
  • Social security checks
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Business checks
  • Much More..

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your paycheck less than you expected or needed?

Sometimes we can get a little behind or have run into unexpected bills to pay. If your check was a little lighter than you were expecting, look into our short term loan options. View our Registration Loan or Title Loan page for full details.

Cashing your check in the valley

1 Stop Title Loans has check cashing locations all across the Phoenix Metro Area. For a full list of locations and hours please visit our locations page for more information.

Other Cash Services

We also offer a variety of financial services. Those include: Money Orders, Title Loans and Registration Loans.

Store Locator

1 Stop Title Loans has Check Cashing locations all across the valley. Many locations have extended hours and are open on Saturdays. Find a location near you.