Cheap Valentine’s Day Flowers

Do you need to do Valentine’s Day on a budget? Anyone who has ever bought flowers before knows just how pricey they can be. The worst part is that they do not last very long either. Recipients definitely love to receive them, but you must be wondering if there is a way to save a little more on your wallet this year.

Typically, the industry expects to rake in over $2 billion, so surely there is a way you can save a few bucks. Check out some of these pro tips to still give your sweetheart or loved one flowers without going overboard. 

  1. Order Early

Procrastination gets the best of us and retailers take advantage. If you find yourself without a plan a day or two before Valentine’s Day, it might already be too late to save on flowers. You want to order early to save early. You may even want the flowers delivered a day early to save some extra pennies. Find out if your florist has any deals for early orders and early deliveries. Not only might you save money, but it will be a nice early surprise where your sweetheart can enjoy them all day on Valentine’s Day without worry.

  1. Shop Local
    A knee jerk reaction is to hop on Google and begin your search. Scratch that idea and browse around for local florists. The big conglomerates might not truly offer the best value. Local dealers tend to have better quality and more of a personal touch. Those are just a few added benefits along with saving money.
  2. Find a Good Florist
    You want to be cautious when searching for a florist because some companies have figured out how to appear as local websites when in fact they are fake. What you need to search for is a shop with an actual brick and mortar location. Do not get trapped thinking you bought local, but got duped into a large chain supplier.

    You can also browse through review sites like Yelp to see what other customers are saying. Always take reviews with a grain of salt, but see what the majority of customers are reporting on. Does the florist have a quality issue? Is delivery efficient? You may even search them out on social media to get a feel for their style.
  3. Talk to Your Florist
    You can get a lot of research done online, but nothing beats a phone call. Talking to your florist over the phone or in person can give you a huge advantage. You might be able to score a deal or get more information that you just can’t find online. Especially if you are on a specific budget, a real human being can actually help put together something special just for your situation. Additionally, you can get further recommendations on colors and designs that you might not have thought of on your own.
  4. Skip on Red Roses
    Red roses are the go-to flower for Valentine’s Day. Also, they are not cheap. During this season, the price tends to hike up by double! Instead, you might consider tulips, calla lilies, hydrangeas, gardenias, hyacinths or alstroemerias. There are many options that might go over even better than a few long-stemmed roses.
  5. Deliver to the Workplace
    If you have the time and ability, it might make sense to save all delivery fees and just deliver the goods yourself. However, if you opt for delivery, choose the workplace. What recipient wouldn’t love the attention of a beautiful bouquet or arrangement of flowers delivered to the workplace for all eyes to see and admire?
  6. Check for Deals at the Supermarket
    Another avenue to explore is your local supermarket. Oftentimes they sell bouquets and arrangements that are easier on the wallet. A pro tip is to call the store in advance and ask what time they expect their next delivery of flowers to be made. This way you can get there at a time when the flowers will be super fresh.
  7. Don’t Do Flowers
    You can just ditch the flower scheme altogether. There are plenty of other romantic options for Valentine’s Day. Consider things like a gift of pajamas, a chocolate bar arrangement or create a gift basket created by yourself. 

Bottom Line

The thing is, flowers do not need to be expensive. You can bypass red roses and choose something a little different or skip flowers altogether. You know your sweetheart the best, so choose something you know will get their attention.