CHEAP and EASY DIY Easter Crafts

The bunnies are frolicking around and little chicks everywhere are hatching and beginning to voice their first chirps of the season. This can only mean it is time for spring. With springtime also comes time to decorate for Easter.

This is the perfect time to start sifting through some cheap and easy DIY Easter crafts. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get into the holiday mood. You just need to get a little creative and see what you already might have laying around the house to turn into that special Easter themed creation.

Crafts for the home
Are you looking to decorate your home to make it a bit more festive for Easter? The good news is that there are tons of cheap and easy DIY Easter crafts for you home that you can easily whip up. You can save tons of money by making these crafts yourself and your home will just radiate springtime in no time.

Easter Egg Candles
Did you know you can make your very own candles for Easter? These variations of Easter egg candles will have you whipping up some pretty neat DIY beauties in no time!

Easter Baskets for the Home
It’s not Easter without some baskets to enjoy throughout your home. Besides having some for the kids to fill with treats, you can make your very own DIY version to decorate and display around the home.

Easter Inspired Centerpieces
Don’t forget about your dining room table. These Easter inspired centerpieces are not only gorgeous, but you can make them with ease.

With regard to the dining room table, you can also create your very own Easter napkins. Check these out:

The other areas of your home can be decorated in great detail. Here are some other DIY ideas to finish off your Easter decor.

Besides all the fun stuff listed above, you can also get your Easter DIY decorating on by creating a festive wreath. There were so many options, that this required a completely separate section! Enjoy.

Crafts for the kids
If the kids are ready to come out of hibernation and make some super fun, cheap and easy Easter crafts, then we have the list for you. You can entertain your kids on a budget this Easter season.

All About the Eggs
You can take your egg decorating up a notch this year and try one of these super fun and super cute DIY ideas. It is quite amazing and inspiring to see all the neat creations people have come up with.

This section is for those DIY lovers with a sweet tooth. You can buy all the candy in the world, but nothing beats making a homemade treat that is both festive and delicious. My guess is that there is something on this list you have yet to make!

Final Thoughts
Easter is a very fun and colorful holiday that obviously has tons of DIY crafts you can make. The best part is that these crafts do not have to break the bank. You might even find some of this stuff already in your home. Good luck to all decorating, creating and designing this Easter season.