Boost Productivity

For many Americans, there are ways to improve your daily productivity goals. From having more discipline at work to covering more ground at home, there are definite advantages to your wallet and life overall when you boost productivity. For most people, adding more hours to your day is just not feasible, however, working smarter might give you that extra gain you are looking for. Here are some great tools and ways to boost productivity and income.

Boost Productivty by Tracking Your Tasks and Taking Note

A great method to finding your weakness with regard to productivity is to track your tasks and time them. Estimating the passage of time is not a skill most people have. In fact, you are likely underestimating the time it takes you to perform a certain task.

To increase your productivity, take a look at some of your work tasks and set a timer to determine how much of your day you are really spending on each task. It might be an eye-opening experience. Even take note on how often you spend looking away from a project to write a social media post or comment. These seemingly simple distractions can be huge time waste. To combat a distraction like social media, consider turning your phone on airplane mode until your task at hand is completed.

Give Yourself a Break

Believe it or not, taking a break can boost your concentration, creativity and memory. It is not wise to push through a bunch of tasks without taking a break. Stress, exhaustion and poor decision making can creep in when you do not allow yourself a chance to breathe. Frequent, but short breaks allows your brain to regroup and refuel for the next round of tasks.

Learn to Single-Task

You might think that multitasking is a great attribute to have, however it can be a hindrance to your productivity by as much as 40%. That is huge. Therefore, you should concentrate on a single task at a time in order to maintain a great performance streak and to prevent burnout.

Create To-Do Lists

Nothing screams improved productivity like a good old-fashioned to-do list. Organizing your day the night before is a great way to get a head start the next morning. You can carefully select what items are important to complete, but also keep things realistic. You should stick to just 2-3 tasks to prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed.

Find Bonus Time

Since you cannot add more hours to your day, consider finding hidden bonus time to complete a task. For example, consider your commute. Do you have a boring 30 minute or longer drive or public transport? This could be vital time spent reading relevant articles or listening to inspiring podcasts. Do not let this time go to waste on social media or other mindless nonsense.

Clean Up Your Workspace

A messy and unorganized workspace will not allow for you to boost productivity. You may not even realize how a littered desktop can ruin your concentration. It is best to relieve your desk of unnecessary items and put things back into order. Attempt to make this a daily habit so things do not stack up quickly. Lastly, add some nice touches like a plant or beautiful painting to lighten the mood.

Don’t Waste Time on Meetings

If you can avoid another meeting, it might be the most productive thing you could do all week. Work meetings tend to be long, monotonous and usually ineffective. Time is often wasted and wasted quickly. It’s really simple, next time you are slated to attend a meeting consider if you can skate by through email or other format before attending. 


Get a Good Night’s Rest

Sleep is one of the best things you can do for yourself physically to get the most productivity out of your day. The problem is that many Americans are just not getting the recommended amount of sleep per night. Sleep deprivation is a surefire way to reduce your productivity and make poor decisions and errors. This might mean making a new healthy bedtime and morning routine so you can start your day off just right. 


Final Thoughts

When you are ready to become organized and boost productivity, you can be sure to see great results with your health, well-being and eventually your income. You may need to take some time to determine what areas you are lacking in and how you can put a stop to distractions. Be sure to take care of your body too so you can focus your mind on the task at hand.