Black Friday Shopping Strategy Guide in Arizona

Black Friday Shopping Strategy Guide in Arizona

Want to maximize your Christmas shopping this year and still enjoy a turkey dinner? This year, you can create a Black Friday shopping strategy guide in Arizona that will ensure a Christmas Tree full of presents and a wallet that still has some cash to spare. Black Friday is an American tradition that is full of deals, steals and the inevitable YouTube televised brawl over of a $20 toaster.

When is Black Friday?

Historically, Black Friday is always the Friday after Thanksgiving. You are most likely well aware that retailers are getting a little greedy or maybe just antsy and sometimes start their deals right on Thanksgiving Day. This year, Black Friday is Friday, November 28th, 2019.

When is Cyber Monday?

A new tradition that has become popular thanks to sites like Amazon.Com, Cyber Monday can also be incorporated into the Black Friday shenanigans. This is the day for the e-commerce sites to shine. Typically, Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday. This year, Cyber Monday lands on Monday, December 2nd, 2019.


What is your first strategy when it comes to Black Friday shopping planning?

The best way to start is to plan ahead, keep your eyes peeled early and start creating your list right now. Oftentimes, great deals will be appearing on November 1st. Prioritize which items you must absolutely buy so they don’t get missed.

You will also need to separate what you are ok waiting for on Cyber Monday versus Black Friday. You can always return an item if you find it cheaper later, but remember that those return lines get long. Find out which stores you must absolutely get to on Black Friday so you can choose which store to hit up first. Of course, you have to coordinate everything with the time each store is opening, as they all vary.

Your next strategy is to know what electronics you are shopping for this year. Last year, Amazon had amazing deals on items like the Echo Dot, Kindle, Fire Stick TV, and more. You must know that retailers like Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target are trying to be super competitive. Pay close attention to the electronics and make a smart plan for them.

Lastly, have a back up plan. You must be ok if you had that doorbuster taken right out of your hands. It will happen. Trust that other stores and e-commerce sites will have similar sales as well.

Other Tips and Tricks

Keep your holiday shopping ramped up by using these tips and tricks to save big this year. Learn the secrets of some of the most talented Black Friday shoppers:

  1. Use Discounted Gift Cards
    Imagine scoring a deal on top of a deal! That is what you can do with a discounted gift card. Visit sites like to score big.
  2. Sign up for Emails
    Yes, you might get a lot of junk mail, but you can also snag deals by using your email. Get the store’s newsletter and take advantage.
  3. Get a Babysitter
    Nothing is going to slow your holiday shopping roll like dragging the kids into it with you. You also might want to hide some presents from them, so it is best to get a sitter for the day. If you don’t have a personal acquaintance, try places like Kids Park that offer hourly rates.
  4. Forget Price Matching
    Most stores that have price-matching options will forgo this policy during the Black Friday rush. It is better to just let this one go.
  5. Try Shopping on Wednesday
    Believe it or not, sometimes there are deals on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Sometimes prices are the same, if not lower than the advertised Black Friday price. It is also a great time to scope out the layout of the store.
  6. Be Careful What You Wear
    Ever wear a red shirt to Target on Black Friday? Be ready to get asked a million questions! Also, dress comfortably because you might really shop until you drop.
  7. Get Gift Receipts

Better to be safe than sorry, always get gift receipts.

  1. Remember, Not Everything is a Deal
    It might seem like a deal, but always look closer and cross-reference. Sometimes an advertised “deal” is not really a good price.

Final Thoughts

Black Friday shopping can be both fun and chaotic. You need a Black Friday shopping strategy guide in Arizona if you want to survive. No matter what, always be polite and bring your manners even if you get caught up in the chaos.